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Holly G
Does the heat make you sick?
I just move to the south ,,,, hot and muggy...... i get so sick i want to pass out in my own home with the air on ... it's like the air or something. ...... ... any suggestions?
Additional Details
I never felt this bad before. .... I feel nautious too... it's been a year since i moved down here too...

I moved from the Northeast to Georgia and never had any ot the things you mentioned. I adapted very easily. And lived there very happily for 14 years. I moved back to the Northeast to be near my grandchildren and other family members.I suggest you see a physician soon.


Well if you were a smoker maybe you should go to the dr, could be more than just the weather. Affects of smoking can show up years after you quit.

Yes it does make you sick. An over the counter solution you might try is salt tablets. They help you retain water. That is your problem right now, you're dehydrated from the heat.

Hi, you probably just need to get use to the area. Some areas take a long time to adjust to. I would suggest extra fans in the house to help keep the air circulating. Probably a dehumidifier for your breathing problems. Dress lightly, stay inside in the air (A/C) during the worst part of the day, and drink plenty of water.

You may have an allergy, possibly to plant or pollution. If it is giving you a lot of breathing trouble, perhaps you should see a doctor to rule out any health problems made worse by the heat and humidity.

I've included some links from WebMD in case you are interested in how heat affects people, what symtoms are most serious and what to do in cases of heat exhaustion or heat stroke.

We have had a rough summer this year, I hope you get some relief soon.

sleepless in the ATL
The heat can definitely make you sick. If you become overheated you can have difficulty breathing, headaches, nausea. Dress in light weight fabrics. Drink lots of water. Try not to drink sodas with caffeine as they have a tendency to dehydrate you. If you have to go in the sun, make sure you do this in the early part of the day or later in the evening. If you continue to have some of these symptoms, especially the burning in your lungs, I'd see a doctor. The lung thing is probably a different problem. I live in the south, and it has been one heck of a summer. Good luck!!

Thilina Guluwita
May be you have an infection down your throat and breathing way. consult a doc immediately

It is just the heat, and humidity. I get headaches and sick too, I try to stay in the shade. Drink alot of water, no sodas or anything with sugar, water is more refreshing and stay in the Air Conditioned places as much as possible. You can be getting dehydrated from the heat as well.

turtle girl
make sure you stay hydrated, Your urine should be clear.

heat will never kill you .. just try not to be exposed to the sun much .. don't drink too much fluids because that will make you sweat too much .. and finally if you have to be exposed for the sun try lotions but watch out of the allergy...

It's only because you're not used to that weather, it happened to me when I went from New york to Atlanta to visit my sisters. Eventually you're body would change into adapting to that weather. I got sick as well.

Heat can definatley do that to you, but maybe go for a check up at your doctors. Maybe something else is wrong.

The best that I can tell you is that it can sometimes make u sick and want to pass out, as for the breathing I'm not sure. My suggestion is to cool down your hot spots: neck, wrists, ankles, ect. I hope that this helps you :)

I ♥ NYC <3
The heat makes me sick.
A few weeks ago I had a really high fever for 2 days. I didn't eat anything! My head was also killing me! When I went to the doctors they said that the heat did this to me.

I was in The Carribean at the time.

Took me almost three years before I got used to the heat and humidity. Yet there are still a few days that just few minutes outdoors and I want to puke/pass out/die al at once I have been here FIVE years now.


Take cold showers and always have a bottle of water on you.

Drill Master
Better get to a doctor. You have something wrong with you.

s t
hmmm. good question but it has no straight answer. sometimes it does. other times it does not. just stay in the fresh air...wherever you find it..mountain, next to the sea, water etc. mugginess is not for everybody...it depends on your skin and your blood circulation and your stamina...voila....hope it helps. breath some "cologne" if you have some.

No, it has to be something in the astmostphere to make me sick. I've stayed down south all my life and the weather is like this. That's why most of us wear Tshirts and jeans. It is really moist out here and yes humidity brings a lot of germs. since your body is not use to it then you sometimes feel like you are not breathing enough air. Splash some cold water on your face or use something that makes you body feel refreshing1

Is it the heat or the air quality? The heat makes me tired...

I know how you feel. I just moved to Ontario where it is extremely humid, I mean EXTREMELY, from Calgary, where it is always dry heat. Along with making me feel gross 24/7, sweaty, itchy, I feel like throwing up sometimes, it seems like I'm always changing clothes, taking showers, and gasping for air occasionally, and all I want to do is sleep. Luckily though, we have air conditioning which blasts arctic winds. Maybe you should consider upgrading your air conditioning?? It helps sooo much, and I'm starting to get used to the heat. You will too, don't worry. But anyways, it the meantime, eat cold soups, salads, stay inside, and eat lots of ice cream!! Good Luck!

Yes, heat can make you sick. It is actually the mugginess that does most people in. Try to regulate your activities so that you are not outside during the heat of the day. You could also see a doctor for advice. Lastly, you could always move north and only have to deal with heat and mugginess during the summer.

it makes me tired and pissy

The heat can definitely make you sick. "hot and muggy" though also sounds like humidity, which for some people can be a different problem. Are you asthmatic? That can cause a problem in the humidity. A lot of people have trouble with the heat, you might be one of those people. I'm not sure what to tell you to fix it, other than drinking lots of fluids, not exerting yourself, and making smart decisions - stay inside as much as you can, don't waste energy, etc.

Funny - we just moved to Northern Mississippi from Philadelphia, PA back in May. I know exactly what you are talking about. I walk outside and instantly feel ill. I think it's just your body adjusting. I hate to say it - but you have to get acclamated to the heat (that word may be spelled wrong - sorry). The only way i found to do so is to go out in the heat in little increments and drink plenty (obnoxious amounts) of water. I have a constant headache here. It is the mugginess that kills me - in Philly it would be hot or humid - not both at the same time consistently - maybe a day or three and then it would break. I was just teling my mother that i don't think it's been under 90 since July 1 down here!! It'll get easier - you just have to get used to it. I find thati dehydrate super quickly down here too - that and i just sweat out whatever water i put back in. It's definitely interesting! I will take a cool shower or bath after coming in from the heat and i will try to sit under a fan. And the water - ice cold is very refreshing!!! Do you have access to a pool? I will sit in the pool for hours - it's a relaxing way to refresh. It'll get easier the longer you're down here - it has for me. I was ready to move back home in June and it wasn't even "hot" then! HAHA They also have ozone warnings here - which will burn the inside of your lungs if you're out in it too long - i'm not used to hearing that at all. Good luck - you can email me if you wanna chat about life in the south! ;)

yes the heat and high humidity make me ill . i live in ohio and cant wait til winter so my head will quit and i can breath the cold fresh air.

only when it's hot

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