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Does quitting smoking get easier as time goes by?
I have tried to give up smoking and feel like the craving wont ever end. Do they?
Its been really hard and i want to quit but dont know how long i can hold out for.
P.s all smokers pay attention to this (im 23 and its this hard so imagine how much harder it could get)

It does get easier - usually after 3 weeks or so you only obsess about it 6-8 hrs per day. Give it 6 months and your cravings may be only 1 or 2 per week. After a year, you'll hardly think about it - except in times of severe stress. Advice - go to this website and sign up: http://www.quitnet.com/
I used to spend hours on there every day - very helpful.

Good Luck.

sally i know your pain i am in the process of stopping habit of smoking as well i am 34 and i have been smoking for about 12 or so years and to answer you question it seems to get easier after the first week i have found that having a substitute like hard candy or something to that effect does help the cravings when you have a craving for a smoke then you get a candy instead and yes you will put on weight but that can be dealt with alot easier than now having lungs lol i wish you the best of luck and remember that if you do slip up and have a smoke then don't beat yourself up about it just keep going and soon you will be smoke free

I've been smoking for 50 years, (ashamed to admit) and each year have tried to quit. Only once I succeeded, with replacement therapy, and only lasted 3 months. The craving will end after about 12 weeks, but of course that bug will keep annoying you especially when you smell that rotten smoke from other persons cig. Good luck, and keep positive thinking. Me? Going insane just cutting down at present. A rotten addiction.

mary L
The cravings will go away.....hang in there you can do it!!!

Its takes roughly 5-7 days some of the cravings go away

I started smoking at the age of 18 and smoked till 30 and when I stopped smoking I had been smoking around 25 cigarrettes per day.but I suddenly stopped and so far 10 years have elasped and I have smoked probably around 20 cigarrettes only and that to not due to craving but just meeting old friends. Its in the mind and once you decide quit smoking you can do it. I used to take cardimon seeds in the begining which makes you feel tobacco smell nausiating and you can easily stop smoking

The physical part does and for some the mental part does too, but there will always be triggers. I think you have to go through abot 5 to 7 days of withdrawals.

It gets easier after time to say NO!...Hang in there...change any lifestyle that makes you prone to relapse. Such as hanging around fellow smokers. Ask them politely to smoke elsewhere. Your true friends and family that care will oblige, and support you. I quit in 97 and still crave Marlboro 100's with a zippo lighter. good luck

hit gurl
yes it will and you will gain some weight after it but id you are serious and want it then you will quit

I quit last July using patches
I have days i have a little craving
but you must just say to yourself you don't smoke anymore & if you can go this long you can go forever.
just keep on being strong & be very proud of yourself & know you don't STINK anymore because no matter what you do you do STINK if you smoke!! When you feel like a smoke have a chewing gum ( PK or JUICY FRUIT ) but only chew one because if you have to much in your mouth it may get sore from all the chewing
i neally got hooked on pk lol but they are good & do take the place of a smoke ( well they did for me but i did stop them because my mouth got sore
maybe you should try a sugarless gum ( not nickorette ) just ordinary gum, its better than smoking
Keep up the good work because if you dont quit now it will just be twice as hard & you will be hurting your lungs if you smoke again

John B
Giving up smoking is easy. I have done it dozens of times.
For the first two days after stopping you suffer some physical withdrawal symptoms from lack of Nicotine. It helped me to drink a lot of orange juice during this period. After that the whole problem is psychological. If you habitually smoke when you drink or after meals you will feel that in these situations your desire for a cigarette will be strong. Avoid this type of situation if possible or find something else to do to occupy your hands to get through the craving.
My experience is that you never become an ex smoker just someone who has chosen not to smoke now. I restarted smoking after having given it up for four years. It only takes the right buttons to be light up again.

It's hard to quit smoking, but if you have a lot of confidence, you'll get through. I'm not a smoker, but I know many people who do. Cravings will eventually end, but it can depend on how strong you can pull through. Good luck.

Giving up smoking is EXTREMELY hard. I am in the process of that now and have been smoking for over 30 years.

Every day is a challenge and it comes down to how much you really want to stop and your will power.

I will admit, I've fallen off the wagon a couple of times, but when I get up the next morning, I start the day afresh and jump right back on the wagon so to speak.

My father-in-law had given up smoking for over 20 years. I asked him if he ever still got cravings to have a smoke. He said they weren't bad, but sometimes after a meal, especially a really nice one, he would reach to his pocket for his ciggies.

Don't think that giving up smoking is easy. It isn't. But give yourself a slap on the back for every day that you go without one.

You should feel proud of yourself for having gotten this far. And next month, when you are still not smoking, treat yourself to something really nice from the money you have saved not having to buy smokes.


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