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Do doctors call you back if nothing is wrong with your tests?
I did a test to check to see if I am diabetic, anemic, if I have kidney failure, a heart condition due to high blood pressure, headaches and dizzy spells. Now they want to see me mmmhhh? What can that mean? I am really anxious and can't wait to know, so tell me what you think it means and Ii will pick a best answer on who ends up being right.

Thanks for playing and please don't scare me.

If the DR wants to see you back that means that there prolly was something abnormal with the yests tand he wants to be able to be there to explain the ramifications of the results . . .or they didnt find anything and he wants to do futher testing to try to pinpoint what is going on. Good LUCK

I think they only call with abnormal results.

It may mean absolutely nothing. Then again they may want to discuss all of the test results with you and address the ones that show you have a problem.

You should make an appointment to see your doctor tell him what you are experiencing have him or her run test. It does worry everyone when certain signs happens and you start to worry and try to work it out for yourself don't do that allow the professional to do that and at a early stage don't leave it thinking it will go as you mind is working overtime trying to work it out for yourself your doctor will help you he or she will let you know when they have the results and to make another appointment if it is very important to them they will ring you or have their receptionist to get in touch with you to either talk to the doctor on the phone or to come in. Do this as your top priority it is important to you and your doctor.

Need an answer
The doctor probably wants to change your medication or add another medication. They do this all the time and nothing to be alarmed about.

Once they called me because they broke one of the tubes of blood and had to redraw it! Usually it is to put you on medication or change your medication though. Thats why they test your blood.

Quit worrying it will cause your blood pressure to go up! And your bp always goes up when you go to see the doctor. They realize this!

I usually don't hear from them either way. I don't learn until my next scheduled appointment...

No they don't call you back if the tests came back negative results. If you are still wondering you have to call the nurse and they will leave a message for your doctor to call you back. If you are still worried make another appointment. Sorry.
Anyhow, stop stressing. Stress, depression starts head aches high blood pressure and other stuff you won't want. You have to eat healthy. Low salt and sugar. If your body has too much water; your doctor might have to prescribe you water pills.(That's what happened to me.) I had to Wait for my lab results in order to find out if I had Thyroid problems. good luck to you and feel free to email me. :)

My doctor only call me if there is some thin wronge. They are some times too busy for negative test result.

They probably found something that concerned them and it wasn't appropriate to discuss over the phone. I wouldn't draw too much into it though. In this day and age, technology is so advanced that with the right medical treatment, you can beat all of the health problems you listed. Now if you told me you'd gotten and HIV test or something, i'd tell you to be afraid, be very afraid.

Mine didn't when I had blood tests turn out fine, he said they only call if there's a problem but it's worth checking up with your doc personally if your worried

Usually they call either way to discuss your tests

Todays choices tomorrows world
Take responsibility for your life call the doctor and if you don't get the answers to your questions find another doctor.

Don't put your life in someone elses hands. Take control.

usually they don't call if everything is normal, no news is good news. if there is something wrong they will call you to set up an appointment. they're not supposed to discuss any conditions over the phone.

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