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craige h
Can anyone tell me how many days you can have off work on a self cert before needing a doctors note?


Depends where you work and what their policies are.
Usually 3 days

It depends in the office where you work at but I know that 5 dasy to 1 week is sufficient for you to be able to get hold of the doctor's certicate...and I also know that the disease must be valid and beleivabe condition..anyway thats the msot number of days...ok???

Most companies if you take 3 consecutive days for sickness (or more) you need a doctor's note, after you come back to work. Whether or not this is enforced depends on your company and/or your boss, though (rarely has been for me, so check with your boss to make sure).

Angel B
3 days!

♥ Glitterbomb ♥
nhs - 7 but it helps if you see your GP during that time so that if you need more time off, the certificate will run straight on

christina w
after 7 days i think it shud tell u on the self cerficate anyway

You can self-certificate for up to 7 days. After that time you will need a Gp to sign a sick certificate.

I don't think it has anything to do with company policy. I believe it to be law that you can self-certificate for seven days including weekends. Whether or not your employer is compelled to pay you for seven days is another matter entirely. You must produce a doctor's certificate on the seventh day.

It used to be three days, it's now 6 days before a doctors note is required.

For me it was 7 days self certified and then a note.

In the UK, you can self certificate for up to 7 days. After that you will need a doctor's sick note.

You can download the self certification document here:


Get well soon :o)

1 week including weekend.

The first week with a self cert and then you need a doctors line.

RICHARD...... xxxxxxx

it differs so you need to read your contract. i can have 5 days and after that need a sick note.

you can have 7 days.

Shelley D
Check your companies policies. Most places require a doctor's note when you miss 3 or more days.

Richard K
Tinkerbell knows. She knows lots of stuff. Dontcha Sweetie.

7 days (5 working days) UK

Gemz L
It depends on who you work for. For me, it's 5 days, but it can be up to 7 days. You'll need to double-check.

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