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Better to sleep an hour or stay up all night with caffeine?
I have a paper due in 27 hours. I'm tired, but not sure if sleeping will make it harder to continue writing when I awake.

Michael F
get the rest your better off

comming from someone that stays up for weeks at a time due to my job its better to stay up couse all sleeping 1 hour is going to do is piss you off. unless you can get 3 hours. so go grab some monsters and work.

Purple Lemon
Never take caffeine. u better get some rest, probably 1 or 2 hours of nice sleep. if u want to kept awake, fill a basin with water and put ur foot in it while u are writing. good luck, hon.

get a good night sleep - you won't get much done if you stay up all night.

it isn't worth wrecking yo ur health over.

I went through this same problem the this saturday and sunday. I decided to sleep for 3 hours...yea I sacrificed a lot of time but I woke up with my head on straight and pretty refreshed. (My head was so cloudy before I slept).

I figure the amount of time I gained from having a fresh mind to work with well out weighed the amount of time a cloudy mind would've wasted. (And I was done at least 2.5 hours before the deadline YAY!)

Sleep for an hour cuz your mind can be straight and you know what to do.

Give yourself some time to work on your paper then catch a 3 hr sleep period before working some more. You will be recharged to finish the rest of the paper. If you're going to rely on caffeine, I'd opt for Starbucks double espresso and 5 hour energy bottles. Good luck, you will need it.

Sleep tonight, stay up all night tomorrow ;p you need some sleep to function properly, get it tonight and forfeit it tomorrow =) and stay focused on the paper when you are awake ;p


too much caffeine just makes me sleepy anyway and then i get a head ache

i work 12am to 8 am 6 days a week

Lucas M
The power nap thing worked for the Ninjas. 15 minutes here and there. Spread them out. If it worked for the Ninjas then it CAN WORK FOR YOU.

I'm a registered sleep tech... sleeping will be the best for you.. but make sure it doesn't reach an hour and a half, or else you'll wake during a dream, and you'll really feel icky! So keep it right around an hour.. heck.. even 20 mins will help you feel refreshed. Good luck!!!

It's always better to sleep, take a "power nap". Best of luck to you girl.........

Go to sleep. dosn't make sense to stay up if you won't even actually right anything due to nodding off just sleep. You'll have more focus when u right it.

Better to take a rest, it will let your brain rejuvenate. Just put on the alarm. Good luck.

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