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Best thing to take when you have the flu?
Is paracetamol the best thing to take? or do you think that those cold and flu drinks work better?

feeling right sorry for myself this now lol, got sore ears, red raw throat, pounding headache, and tingly shivers and aches, and a temp to i think, feel cold to touch but i am roasting.

Additional Details
dudley997997 your daft.

Best thing to "take". Up the butt.

Septic Peg
When i had the flu i dosed myself up to the hilt and i even passed out because i was so bad.
But you must sweat it out., You feel disgusting at the time. but duvet yourself up. and sweat sweat sweat.... trust me, its a fever you need to sweat it out, you'll feel better.
You may also need antibiotics on top.

Ring of Uranus
just Paracetamol, and buy the cheapest. It lowers your body temperature slightly and that gives you a chance to fight the virus. All the other 'remedies' including the expensive stuff is mostly Paracetamol with a touch of something with a nice healthy sounding name. but it's probably nothing more than sugar. Wrap up when your shivering, take something off when your hot, drink plenty of water and stay way from me :)

Lemsip max..

Benelyn Cold And Flu tablets. They contain day tablets and night tablets and i swear by them

Hot lemon drinks are good - and note - they usually contain Paracetamol too - so be careful not to overdose ! The other thing to take is time off !

Michael G
Typical flu.

Forget the "Cold And Flu drinks"--theyre overpriced vitamin C and Aspirin.

That said, you want to take in a lot of vitamin C, drink lots of fluid, and get a lot of rest. Its all you can do.

paracetamol is fine also Ibuprofen is good
plenty of fluids and rest
a shower always makes me feel better, think its the steam

Go to bed with some Nightnurse. Sleep it off. If you fight it, you may take longer to recover. Real flu can kill.

Mike T
The Cold And Flu tablets (beechams etc) actually work really well. They contain Paracetamol anymore, to control your fever, anf reduce the pain you're in.

Also, dissolvable vitamin C tablets. Have 1 in water, twice a day.

warm milk.
with honey in =]
its gorgeous

What a guy!!
Flu is a virus, so your immune system is the only thing that can overcome it. All you can do is treat the symptoms. Personally, I swear by Beecham's powders, Lemsips are also very good. But I stress, do NOT exceed the recommended dose of Paracetamol, a Paracetamol overdose is the worst way to go imaginable. And some people 'do' accidentally overdose! NHS direct will give you all the advice you need. (0845 4647)

Get well soon.

vitamin c


Take two Nyquil flu pills, have a bowl of chicken noodle soup and go to sleep. You'll feel a ton better when you wake up.
It always works for me.

Poor thing,
I'd make you a hot orange and honey beverage.
In a glass, pour boiled orange juice add 2 tbsp of honey... when its not piping hot try drinking it at a steady pace.
If you let out a lot of sweat it means the remedy is working... Get well soon!

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