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Banana up my rectum...?
Please don't make comments like "How'd/why'd you do that?!" but long story short. I was playing with someone and...I have some banana in me. /: Not the peel but the banana.

Will this harm me? I don't want to go to the hospital.

ticKled piNk
won't it come out when you poo? or it will act as a cork and plug you up....jk!

but seriosuly i think it might come out when you poo.

Samantha W
no, you should be fine

no just dont try that again wait and itl work its way out


No - you should be fine although i wont be because my mind is scarred forever......it should be fine after a bowel movement

let me ask you this: was it worth it?

Yes this will harm you as the Banana is blocking your back passage (waste). Two options are:
A) Wait until you feel like doing # 2 (loo). To expedite you visiting the loo, take some laxative... this in turn will push the banana out.

B) Go to your local hospital. There isn't any major surgery involved.

Pls don't try to forcefully take the banana out yourself as you may damage your rectum.

It should all come out when you have your next bowel movement.

Nick Jonas <3
so there's a banana up your butt? wouldn't it come out??

Dial M for Magic
Wow. Just. Wow.

If it hurts, youll have to go see a doctor.
Don't worry, bananas are mushy though, so itll come out easy. If it doesnt, go see a doctor.

Give it some time, a few hrs., and see if it will come out with a bowel movement. If it doesn't and if you start feeling ill then you will need to see a doctor.

umm.. the only thing i can think of is try and take a laxative to poop it out!! ASAP!! good luck

Wahaha does it hurt when u walk!

no it shouldnt

Misty S
no questions asked. it should come out with your next poop. shouldnt harm considering that poop is old food and waste. for safety sake just dont do it again

It won't harm you. I mean, its in the area where the waste is stored, you'll poop it out sooner or later.

No, you don't need to go to hospital, you will poo it out.

But how on earth... ???

Uh, go poo.

you'll be fine, just next time use a condom so it wont get cut.

this just makes me remember an old Filipino anecdote about jackfruit and durian.

Were you doing a monkey?

No just use a suppository and it will come out.....or take a laxative it won't hurt you though Potassium is good for you~

i figure you'll just poop it out hahaha


Bottom Contributor
This has got to be a joke, lol. If you're serious, no it should not harm you. It will come out eventually

Why So Serious?[amber lyn]
uhhh, poop it out, or buy an over the counter enema kit.

The Photographer
You're gonna have to go potty sometime... When you do, you'll just smell some banana, too!

Take a laxative or use a lot of lube to get it out.
This could be potentially serious.
Sorry about what happened ):
But a banana is so soft that it is probably mashed up by now.
Or at least dissolved, somewhat.

Terry H
LOL that is funny im sorry

Miss MeMe - ײיײי
Nope. It will just come out with regular stuff that comes out.

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