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Arm sore after tetanus shot?
I had to get a tetanus shot about 36 hours ago due to a bad cut on my finger. My arm was barely sore yesterday but today it's quite sore with the achiness going down my arm from the injection site all teh way down to my fingers. Is this normal?

NO, you're going to die.

yeah, its normal...i had to get a tetanus shot a few months back and was terribly sore for about 1.5 weeks...them buggers hurt!!

Yes, it will go away.

yes that is normal

most tetanus shots are toxoids with an slightly oil base. the pain shoul subside with in 2 days. but if u develop fever and increase in swelling than u ve injecton abscess and u should show to a doctor

Jen S
ur arm typically gets very sore after a tetanus shot, if ur worried ask ur doctor.

yup it is

Call and ask the doctor's office. They should know.

VERY NORMAL I had one also. I cant seem to go without getting one every 5 to 7 years. I'm accident prone. I stepped on RUSTY NAIL. You can work out the stiffness.

Yes. It's normal

Tetanus shots can make your arm sore for a couple of days. It's normal.

Sometime this happens, you go to the doctor,he will relieve you.

hurts like an s o b doesn't it? yep your normal.fortunately you wont need another for a long time!

yes its perfectly fine...when i had to go get my TB shot, a day after my arm started to hurt...but then a couple days later, the pain went away..so u are just fine

mac m

Heather W
its normal, just remember that most shots are given in the muscle, it should subside within a couple of days.


It's quite normal, as the tetanus vaccine can irritate the surrounding muscles quite a bit. Another possibility is that the doctor or nurse giving you the jab could've hit a nerve, which isn't an uncommon occurence when injecting into the arm.
Try and apply a cold pack on the site of injection to help ease the soreness. This should pass in another couple of days. If it still persists, go back to the clinic where you received the injection, and seek medical attention.
Take care.

Yes, it is normal. Your physician or nurse should have provided you with aftercare papers instructing you on how to handle such discomfort.

I would recommend a hot compress and a few aspirins. However, if you begin to run a fever, go to your physician or local emergency center ASAP!

Jennifer Gayle
Yeah, I was for a couple of days.

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