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Advice for stopping a nose bleed?
My boyfriend's nose has been bleeding off and on since yesterday morning. He had a blocked nose last week and I think he has 'burnt' the inside of his nose with his vicks inhaler. It has been that bad that he had to sleep with kitchen roll up it (not that that is doing it any good) as the blood was just pouring out at times. Any advice?

hold the head back untill the bleeding stops, old wives tale also says to put a key down your back, rumoured to have worked, but i would suggest going to see a gp as there may be an underlying problem with such a long nose bleed, his nose may need packed to stop the bleeding.xx

Tilt your bf;s head back till the bleeding doesnt become that uch. Kitchen roll up your nose, emm, NO!!!! Risk of it getting stuck there. If the bleeding continues for more than 72 hours, GO SEE A DOCTOR!

It is better if he lets his nose bleed, nose bleeds can stop strokes from coming on.
Seek advice from your local pharmacist...x

When it begins to bleed, make sure his head is tilted back and pinch.

I am a Red Cross Member and I strongly advice you not to bend the head back. Actually, you have to pinch the nose and tilt the head forwards, because the whole thing works like this: You have blood spilling out from a blood carrying vessel (a tube-like structure) If the blood is spilling out at a fast rate, and you push the head back, what happens? You are sending the old blood back and it overflows to where it is not wanted. You cause more harm than good if you do this. Just experiment with a water hose. Connect to a tap, hold it upright and let the water flow. Notice how it spills like a fountain? Now if you don't want the water spilling to the sides and splashing abt , jst tilt it forward and it flows out. Simple as that.

Mand P
If its still bleeding, then he needs to see his GP.
Try pinching the soft part of his nose just on the bridge. But really. he should see a doctor.

frank d
As the others said, pinching the nose will assist in stopping a nose bleed. Don't tip the head back.

But, If its bleeding off and on, I would see your GP and have some blood work done. Nose bleeds are a symptom of low blood iron. Always better to be safe than sorry.

mike h
NEVER hold your head back, hold it forward and pinch it. Also after two days that is not good, go down to your local NHS drop in centre or GP. He may have other problems which need to be eliminated.

you can try this:
peel a pumpkin or a squash . then burn its skin and throw a little amount of the ash in his nose. tell him to avoid the sun exposure,warm or cold air . use an air humidifier. he will getr well.

but if it didn't stop by theese tricks, take him to a doctor ' there might be a rpoblem needing medical attention

get him to sit down with his head tilted forwards and pinch his nose just under the bone (where it goes squidgy under the bridge) until it clots. once this happens he mustn't blow his nose or go near steam for a while to allow it to heal itself. if it continues you should make a note of when and get him to see the doctor to see if they can pin point what's going on

Try applying ice on the bridge of the nose and seek medical advice asap

go to A&E or the doctor if it is concerning you

To control normal nose bleeds place a folded cold wet hand or tea towel on the bridge of the nose and pinch the nose with finger and thumb until it clots. Afterwards, drink at least two glasses of water to irrigate the throat, to prevent vomiting. I would advise your boy friend to go to Casualty immediately for nasal examination. I think he's got a broken vein that needs attention immediately, and the cause may well be over-use of that inhaler.

He needs to pinch the tip of his nose (where the bone meets the cartilidge, Nose bleeds generally don't act up again unless you obstruct it again. When his bleeds stops, just to him not to touch it for awhile

Holding the head back has been taken off the list of things to do about nose bleeds by the CPR association. He really needs to see a doctor about a continual nose bleed.


Nose bleeds are usually cleared up in a few minutes. It sounds to me like he has a fractured blood vessel in his nose and it may need cauterising (burning). This is very easily done at the local hospital.
Before we get to that stage try applying a good pinch, just at the end of the boney bit of your BF nose for 2- 3 mins, with his head bent FORWARDS NOT BACK.
Bending the head backwards may cause blood to run down into his lungs and that is not good.
After 2-3 mins check to see if the bleeding has stopped. if not reapply the pressure for longer.

this makes the blood run down the back of the throat.
keep the head forward and pinch the bridge of the nose until it stops. should only take a few minutes for the blood to strat clotting
if it doesnt stop then you will have to seek medical attention.

Please please please, do NOT tip his head back. This is how you can kill people with a nose bleed. Tipping the person's head back causes the blood to run down the person's throat and its very easy then to choke on your own blood. Not a pleasant way to go.

To treat a nose bleed you must tip your head forward and tightly pinch the soft fleshy part of the nose just under the nasal bone. Staying like this for a while should stem the bleeding. Do not put anything up his nose.

If he has had a cold recently he could have damaged some of the capillaries in his nose and this could be causing the bleeds. If you are concerned and they continue try calling NHS Direct or your GP.

Again, please do not tip his head back!!!

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