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Why does my stomach hurt?
i had a uti and now my stomach hurts, my sides, and my kidney area, and my belly button area, and inside too, does anyone know what's going on?

john the turk
too much beer

Mary Boo
Is this topic for you?
This topic provides information about chronic kidney disease. If you are looking for information about sudden kidney failure, see the topic


It sounds like it spread to your bladder and kidneys. If you are not taking antibiotics, you should see a doctor for some. If you are, they should start working within three days. If not, return to your doctor. An infec6tion in the urinary Tract is very dangerous if not treated, and ignoring it could result in permanent scarring of your bladder wall. Also, drink a LOT of Cranberry juice.

Consult a doctor now!

Sophie G
could be your apendix. Mine does that to and my grandma tells me it could be my apendix, but I am not for sure. Go to the doctor and let them check it out. that would be your best bet. I hope you feel better. <3 Sophie

When my insides were hurting, I was diagnosed with crohn's. I guess what I'm trying to say is go to the doctor. If your insides are hurting, you can't skate around that. GO SEE THE DOCTOR NOW!


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what your having is probably renal colic, this is due to a probable recurrence of your UTI. this is because the inflammation in your kidney sends pain shooting to all of the other nerves surrounding that area therefore the pain is usually referred. this is one of the most common signs and symptoms AF of UTI, acute pyelonephritis, or renal stones. seek the help of your local physician immediately

Although I'm no doctor the best advice I can give you if it is a sharp almost stabbing pain is to visit a hospital. If it's not too serious, try checking out this website http://symptoms.webmd.com/symptomchecker to narrow it down.

You "had" a UTI? Does that mean that you saw a doctor and was treated? You could have a lot of different things going on. You could have a bladder infection that spread up to your kidneys, Kidney infections are very painful, appendicitis causes the same type of pain and so does gallbladder pain.
You wouldn't believe the amount of patients we have that describe those same symptoms and all with different diagnosis. You really need to go to a Doctor and get checked out right away because it does sound serious.

julia n
kidney infection, can be very serious, you need antibiotics. if you are running a fever, go to immediate care, you dont want damage to your kidneys.

let the doctors tell you...go to ER

You haven't said if the UTI was diagnosed by a health care provider and if you're currently being treated for it or were recently treated. Unfortunately, you can't be diagnosed online or by anyone other than a licensed NP, MD, PA or DO and only after an evaluation of the problem. Speculation received here cannot help or treat you. Best to see your provider soon.

Christina P
go to your DR.

deb m
Not sure if you are male or female but if female, could be endometriosis. Endo can affect all the organs if left untreated and give you the symptoms you refer to here. At any rate a visit to the doc is important and should not be avoided. Have them check your urine again for blood. Do another UTI test in case the first round of antibiotics did not work as sometimes it does not. Your kidneys are too valuable and so are you.
God Bless you. Good luck.

Pain in the abdomen is often "referred" pain. That is to say it isn't necessarily affecting where it seems to be coming from. The classic example is pain in the shoulder caused by a heart attack. You speak the UTI as if it were in the past. Are you sure it hasn't spread to your kidneys? This is not something to play around with. I would see a doctor if you haven't already. Maybe you should be in a hospital. I am not kidding.

go to the doctor

oh yes i've been in your situation. but it passed anyway although go consult your doctor. it could be something else. goodluck ^^

or visit this website, it could really help http://www.mothernature.com/library/bookshelf/books/16/199.cfm

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