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Why does my heart race after i eat?

check your sugar... may need a diabetes test...

A few possibilities:

- You're not breathing effectively while you eat;
- Your heart rate is increasing to process your food; or
- Your deep desire to cuddle with a cheeseburger gives you a strange sense of excitement.


you should check your blood pressure that's what probably causing the problem

Good question, why does it? Maybe it's what you're eating. but since I'm not a doctor, I think you should go and get yourself a check-up.

Because you love food!

Food allegy, too much sodium. It would be best to contact your doctor.

go to your doctor. there's a possibility that you've got heart problems

dont consult or try to look for an answer on the net...pls go to you qualified doctor...tho my personal theory would be that when you are doing excercise your heart beats fast,when you eat ,there are so many muscles that move and that would be the cause..gd lck

‚ô•My 2 Cents‚ô•
i have seen this asked before, mine does it sometimes to, most time not, but other times i can watch my heart bounce, i guess our body didnt like what we ate, its working overtime to digest it

you must be thinking of me ,i wish

ask your doctor

treeof knowledge
Chemicals in the food and seasonings like MSG; many meats have antibiotics, hormones, steroids.

Vegetables have pesticides; growth chemicals.

Frozen foods (yikes) check out the side chemical ingredient list.

COFFEE and teas are full of the stimulant CAFEINE; these are sure heart racers.

And or you may have a specific food allergic reaction like to gluten or wheat or dairy.

Try to chart what you have eaten when you have this reaction and note if there is greater intensity with specific foods. Delete these from your diet.

Because even if you go to the doctor he can only diagnose(guess) based on the information YOU give him.

Take the time to learn your own body after all only YOU live in it. And will die according to how you treat it.

too much pot in the brownies

It is a "rush" of glucose into your bloodstream and you may want to see if you are sensitive to regular or high amounts of sodium...i am, good luck.

Well usually this is caused by increases and drops in blood sugar. It has nothing to do with sodium or blood pressure. I suggest you keep a food diary of what you ate and how much and how long since you finished eating and your heart started racing. Track if you ate a large greasy meal or one that is large and high in carbohydrates, especially sugar. Now you have not had any stomach surgeries have you? If you have this would explain a lot and in that case it sounds like dumping syndrome. If you have not had stomach surgery read on.
If you do see the heart racing is related to large sugar based meals than go for smaller meals and healthy snacks. I suggest you eat no more than 1 cup of carbohydrates per meal and pick complex ones like pasta, rice potatoes, whole wheat bread any whole grain is good and avoid processed foods that are high in sugars such as donuts, sweet and sour sauces and any kind of honey or sweet glazed items.
So you have the 1 cup of complex carbohydrates, ideally whole grain, now add to it some lean meat like a chicken breast or fish fillet and finally 1-1.5 cups of vegetables, if you have room in your tummy for that much vegetables because remember no over eating. If this is too much food then do not cut out the vegetables but decrease the portion sizes of the other foods. At least 1/3 of your meals should be vegetables 1/3 lean meats/protein and 1/3 complex carbohydrates. The lean meat and vegetables will not effect your blood sugar and the whole grain complex carbohydrate will also not cause a sugar rush. Keeping a food diary will help you see if there are certain foods or amounts of foods that cause this heart racing. Good luck! if you still have problems contact a doctor and also a dietitian as the doctor can check for medical reasons for the heart racing and the dietitian can check to see if it is something you ate

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