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Why do i vomit blood after alcohol?

bcuz u drink 2 much alchohal and thats a sign u cud die

mhari s
maybe its not blood maybe your just drinking red colour drinks and being red sick eugh! lol

if you consumed a large amount of alcohol its inflammation of the stomach lining often occurs as the result of overindulgence. if it continues id see a doctor

Its prob jus an ulser go to doctors.

You are drinking way too much. See a doctor immediately. Your health is at risk.

I would go straight to the doctors u could hve an alsaur or maybe ur liver or kidneys could be in danger!!! honestly though go straight to the doctors

Sounds as if you are drinking to much and you are damaging your liver , you have blood vessels that will bleed the only way they can find this out is by inserting a camera down your throat . An excellent site for you visit is British liver trust . But I think you should be cutting out drinking and consult your gp immediatly

It sounds like you have a stomach ulcer, try stopping the drink for a while, but go and get checked out by your doctor to be on the safe side, there are many types of stomach ulcers, some worse than others. good luck.

because you have strained your oesophagus due to all the retching.

You don't say if you drink every day, how much alcohol you've consumed etc...which no one can really pass comment on without seeing you, or getting the full details. I certainly think many are being a bit google premature with the diagnosis of a gastric ulcer, and even more so who are hinting towards bleeding oesophageal varices, as that is a symptom of cirrhosis, and likely you'd have some serious other symptoms.

Visit your GP, and he or she will be able to advise you a little better than those on here.

Dr Frank
Because alcohol taken in quantity, or on an empty stomach, causes gastritis or stomach inflammation. Ideally drink less and certainly eat first.

u may have a stomach ulcer - go to your GP ASAP!!!!!! XXX

Cathy :)
It could be a stomach ulser that's irritated and bleeds when you drink - get checked out by a dr - it's important not to leave it and hope it goes away - get checked out asap. Good luck xx

agent flora
Someone I knew at uni did this and had to go to hospital with stomach ulcers. If you are very stressed this might be whats wrong. Go to the doctor :)

This could be a result of the actually retching that occurs when vomiting. This could cause a tear in the blood vessels in the throat. It depends on whether there is a large amount of blood in the vomit as this would only cause a slight amount of blood in the vomit. If you have large amounts of blood I really think you should go and see a doctor as it could be serious things like Gastroenteritis or a bleeding ulcer in the stomach. However, I think it is more likely to be tear as it only happens after drinking. If it gets any worse, go and see a doctor!

Alcohol irritates the stomach, and can cause gastritis, ulcers and acid reflux. Gastritis is an inflammation of the mucous membrane that lines the stomach. Erosion in that lining can cause constant oozing of blood into the stomach or, if a vessel ruptures, major bleeding.

Let me ask you this: If anything else in this world that you "did" made you "vomit blood"....would it be OK? THEN WHY IS DRINKING ALCOHOL? See the MD., you very much need to be evaluated.

mike s

You better go to the Doctor. I don't want to scare you but you may have hurt your Liver. Go TO The Doctor Right Away!! And stop that drinking, you are Killing yourself!!

do u drink to much. its probably your system telling you you are not able for it. sometimes so drinks we drink dont agree with certain people

Sounds like you have an ulcer, and alcohol is aggravating it, and making it bleed. Get attention from your GP - soon!

Because your excessive drinking has damaged the tissues of your throat and this includes the veins it may also have irritated your stomach. Some people die each year because of heamorrages

it simply means that thing is not good for your help stop it for christ sake

because you need to stop drinking.

get to the doctors asap

By GP the others mean 'General Practicioner'. Your run of the mill, family doctor. You should go either to the doctor or to the emergency room, as immediately as is possible.

You may be taking painkillers or another drug that is reacting to the alcohol and causing stomach bleeding. Pain relievers + alcohol are the most common causes of ulcers and stomach bleeding. However, it's important that you realize that quitting the drinking is more important than quitting a drug that was prescribed to you by the doctor. This is just more reason for you to seek medical attention as soon as humanly possible.

Chances are you're drinking enough to cause withdrawal symptoms. Again, even MORE reason to seek medical attention Be strong, listen to your body, it's telling you that things are DEFINATELY not right. Good luck and I hope you feel better soon.

chris s
it sounds like an ulcer to me and my gran died when hers burst dont mean to frighten you medication can put it right but keep clear from alcohol and rich foods until you have seen your doctor which should be as soon as possible.

If you are vomiting blood you should be seeing your GP at once. It could be a number of things. Daft to speculate on here.

Barbie Girl
Sounds like a stomach ulcer. Get off the booze and go to the docs to get checked up. Go on, off you go!

sounds VERY much like an ulcer, get attention at once, it may cost you your life.
sorry but you need to see a doc

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