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benji's gurl
Why do i always count everything i see?
I can't even start up a conversation without counting. Even if I am in the middle of doing something I have to stop to count.

it just sounds like a quirk to me. Does it keep you from functioning? If so, then talk to a professional. Don't let anyone who isn't qualified tell you that something is wrong with you. I myself count when I blow dry my hair or pump gas or wait for a stop light to turn green.

bam bam
thats sounds a bit crazyy to mee

I have the same problem, except I count the edges of things, it gets annoying, its kinda like OCD or something.

real s
I'd say you like numbers, you gotta be good at math?

you probably have OCD (obsessive compulsive disorder). you probably don't feel safe unless you do it.

Obsessive compulsive disorder my love

It sounds like OCD...obsessive compulsive disorder. Not that I am anyone to diagnose you, but most of us do have one hang up or another. If you can live with it I say leave it alone. If it's something that you find so distracting that you need to break yourself of it, the first thing I would do is a little behavioral research (internet, library, etc.) and see what self-help methods you can come up with. If all else fails a psychoanalyst may be of help.

*Well He Calls Me Chula*
MAYBE YOU HAVE OCD OR Obsessive-compulsive disorder......YOU CAN GET THERAPY FOR THAT....

Obsessive/Compulsive (OCD)

don't worry you're not crazy, you might have Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD), if this is affecting your life tell your doctor about it and he will advise you

Do all things with l♡ve
hey, maybe you're really into math, it's not necessarily a bad thing

i'm kinda like u, except i don't literally stop to count.. i just count things in my mind, and i have this obsession with things being in even numbers, like it bothers me when they're in odd numbers.. i dunno why really. i guess it's a mild form of OCD? lol... we're weirdos is what it is :p

celtic tart
Obsessive Compulsive Disorder.
If that's the only thing you obsess
about, you have a mild case.
Try to force yourself NOT to count
if it really bothers you.
If it really, REALLY bothers you,
or interferes greatly with your life,
see a therapist who specializes
in OCD's.
Otherwise, just ignore it as one
of your personal little quirks.

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