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Any signs at all. I would really like to know.

Why can't doctors just check for everything wrong with us.. we pay them... why do we have to find out ourselves?

So yeah.. ...

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Additional Details
Christian suicide is forbidden, I want to unplug till Jesus comes back, to delete all the nonsense.

Coma seems to be my best option.

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does cracking your fingers/knuckles etc. lead to arthritis?
does cracking your fingers/knuckles etc. lead to arthritis?
does cracking your fingers/knuckles etc. lead to arthritis?
does ...

Why do fat people smell like sour milk?
Just a personal observation that I've wondered about over the years.

Tanya N (thesingingbeaner)
Sometimes when we sweat it collects in the creases and folds of ones body. You are probably noticing someone who is experiencing a yeast infection in the creases. It happens to thin people too.

Sometimes it becomes irritated and results in heat rash, chafing, and even open sores and infections. However, like I said before this happens to thin people also. It all depends on the amount of sweat you produce, the amount of sweat glands you have and exactly where they are located.
I have a genetic condition where I have very few sweat glands and they are not evenly displaced. Even though I am not a heavy person, to prevent heat rash from occurring I have to shower 2 times a day. It also is a way for me to cool my self down. Since not being able to sweat you tend to overheat really fast.

A lot of people who are heavy tend to sweat more. This could explain the descriptive odor you are noticing.

aside note... you should rephrase the question to say "heavier people" no one likes being called fat...I can tell you are just curious and not mean, but it would help in delicate matters like this to be a bit P.C. then you would get more honest answers and not just hateful retaliation (which I noticed in the other responses).

I hope this helps.

What body part are you sniffing at?

Have you heard the phrase... "The one that smelt it dealt it"?

Stick that up your nose and take a whiff!!!

and old people too!

It's your imagination - Maybe they remind you of your mommy.

good question cause they sweat alot i guess! but know what your talking about i smelled it too! on them!

i didnt know they did????? but um nxt time im aeound a fat person ill get back to ya on that. lol

It's called sweat and you don't have to be fat for that to happen. Anyone with an area that is not always exposed to air can have this problem...and some people just sweat more. When I worked in the hospital there were elderly people that were actually quite small that this happened to, like when they put a rolled up rag in their hand to keep their nails from penetrating into their flesh, they to had sweat that smelled. One days like we've been having in the 100's no amount of powder can stop it. Now you know.

Probably because it is hard for them to take a bath.

i'm not fat and i smell like rotten yogurt

It's because we fat people like to roll around in sour milk. It makes us feel good.
That is a wholly ridiculous comment. That undermines a significant group of people.

really? do they smell like that?

yup, they have a distinct fat person smell.....kinda a sour sweet smell....i think its because they have more sugar in their sweat glands or something

my mom says its the sweat under their breasts and in their rolls thats why my mom takes 2 hot showers a day

"I don't know Eric, They just do"- Mr. Garrison

I've heard it's because it's harder for them to get clean. Their reach isn't very good and it's hard to get sweat/stink out of their creases so it builds up and gets that distinctive smell.

Don't know.

Probably all that sweat that they produce and all that body fat will make them sweat more.

Imagine the smell of thier underwear.


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