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Why do I always feel soo tired? When I wake up, go to sleep, during the day?

Get checked out for anaemia

This is probably because you are stressed and are not getting quality sleep...try doing a sport or going to the gym in the evening.......don't eat a heavy meal after 6pm...and have a warm shower or bath before an early night. Then try listening to a relaxation tape to go to sleep.

It could be to do with a nimber of things, but here are the the things that normally cause this problem...

It may be a diet that is lacking in the necessary vitamins and minerals that a human body needs to function properley.So arrange to eat sensibly and in a balanced way.

It may be that you are skipping meals and as a result will feel tired as you are not fuelling the body.

It may be that you are lacking iron and may need to take a supplement, as a lack of Iron will always make you tired.
You may need Ferous Sulphide tablets from the Chemist which are loaded in iron.
Take advice from the Chemist though on the amount to take each day.

It may be the start of ME. therefore if the above dosent help see your Doctor.

Good luck...

Grand Master Flex
Try going to sleep and waking up at the same time every day. Keep your wake and sleep cycles constant. If you alter it you will feel tired. Also maybe your diet isn't all that great. Maybe make an appointment with your family physician and go over what you are experiencing and they can probably narrow down on what the problem could be.

Mrs Bond
goto your doctors and have a blood test as you could be anemic. i know these sysptoms as i was anemic for over thre years. these could also be the signs of some other medical condition.

Job stress.

yiannis the greek
you need iron.

It's very likely that you're sleep saturated; meaning that you're getting too much sleep. When you sleep all the time, your body literally goes into hibernation mode and you have no energy whatsoever. However, it's possible that you could have a sleep disorder. Go to a doctor and get yourself checked out!

could be many things, maybe something medical. Get a physical

could be lots of reasons, try a visit to the doctor.

DolPek A
You might have a low red blood count. Anemia is very common among women. I have it too. Iron suppliments are commonly used for that. The only problem with iron is that it can constipate you really badly. So take Magnesium Citrate too. That will offset it.

hmm gud question, but i dont think you will find the answer on yahoo open up and look elswere look places you wouldnt usually good luck x
also cus it just gets ur body in sleep mode

Don't stress out, what ever happens, happens. Live keep going. Try to have fun before bed, like what some movie with popcorn, or have a beer with some snack while watching something. Put some fun. Or maybe is the bed- not comfortable. Try to be with some friend or go to place, that way you will be occupied and having fun.
I have the same problem.
Marry Christmas and Happy New Year.

go to bed at six at night

Do you ever fall asleep during the day? You might be suffering from several things. A hypoactive Thyroid can cause these symptoms. You may have suffered a heart attack and not know it. You may be suffering from sleep apnea. Get an appointment with your Doctor and talk to him/her about it. There are tests they can do for you. I found I had a hypoactive Thyroid. Was still tired. Found out I had a silent heart attack. Was still tired. Found out I had sleep apnea. Finally getting decent sleep.

I was like that for along time and they found out they I had Diabetes from lack of hormones. They can run a blood test to see what's wrong as that's what they did for me.

sandra r
Maybe its your Thyroid, I had the same problem and found out that I have Thyroid that is not working well. I think you should go to a doctor immediately. Good Luck.

You should do a diabetes test

need a bit more info

you could be

1. overworked
3. overexercise
4 Hypothyroidism
5. Hypotension
6. Anaemia

Give us a bit more detials might be able to help

Job, Lifestyle, age, past medical history, recent blood tests...

us docs cant diagnose without details

either way go see you family doctor

all the best

Go to your doctor and get a blood test - it could be any number of reasons - sometimes a lack of iron can do this, sometimes other things. Could it be depression - I got exactly like that before I was diagnosed with depression - I saw my doctor and since I've been on medication I'm getting better xxx

Ronald S
It could be "obstructive sleep apnea". That would certainly interfere with the amount of sleep you have each night, without you being aware of it. It is common for sufferers to fall asleep at their desks during the day while working. See your GP and he can refer you to a local sleep clinic, usually at a hospital, where this can be diagnosed.

There are any number of reasons for this. It could be you are just run down, over worked, have Thyroid problems, anaemia, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome etc.,
You need to see your doctor as it could be something serious.

you might need better nutrition or if you keep waking up in the middle of the night you aren't getting enough rem sleep!

no problem it is purely depends u r mind thing always positive.b4 go to bed have little walk and morning do exercise avoid to eat fat items use always more vegetables. thing u r self that i am fresh

me too...perhaps we need a holiday...

Suzan D
Hi i always get this too. I go to sleep for around 8 hours but always want more i could sleep all day and all night i love sleep. But i dont want to feel like that its wasting time sleeping so much?
I think i may go to the doctors to be checked over. Have some blood tests and see what they say. Its not normal to sleep so much though. It seems to other people that we are being lazy but nobody understands unless they are having the same problem...
Even if i have an early night i want more sleep.
Good luck let me know what happens and i will do the same. Suzi xxx

Richard G
If I had a g/f that looked as hot as you do, I'd make sure she stayed tired too!!!

you are not getting much slep like you should try going to sleep no later than seven.

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