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 Can kidney stones kill you?

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yes, i know i spelled that wrong , thanks for the correct spelling ! :)...

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Ok, I have acid ...

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 Son has an ear ache so bad side of face is swollen,pain is severe he has tried the Dr's the E.R?
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30 year old
What medical conditions would cause someone to look 7-8 months pregnant?
I don't want to ask someone who I know if she's pregnant in fear that she isn't and it happens to just be fat or some sort of medical condition. Is is possible to just be fat in the belly and not have fat arms legs and face? I'm sure we'll find out in 3-4 months if she looks the same...but the curiosity is getting to us. Do you think we should just ask when the baby is due?

You could just ask her why she looks a bit bigger, but if you're not a friend or anything, ask very discreetly and politely.

The only thing I could think of besides pregnancy is constipation combined with bloating and gas. If this is the case, she will be very embarrassed to tell you.

In the Kitchen
Fat distributes differently in different people. How old is this person? That can make a difference too.

Also, she could have a huge tumor.

Don't ask....if the answer is no, it could hurt this person's feelings. She may be very sensitive to what's going on in her body.

Lots of people don't gain weight in the legs and arms.

More then likely she is ........ although it could be tumor look up conditions where you would retain fluid in the abdomen.. Some women just carry allot of belly fat !...... I would ask her....

lots check out webmd.com

Jeep! Jeep!
Could be tumor or some people only carry weight around the middle till they are much more overweight. I would just ask someone else who might know.

go get it checked out because in some instances simptoms as such have been tumors or even ovarian cancer. Good Luck Hope all is well!

Just have a conversation with her. Ask things like what's up with you, how is everything going...get her talking about herself and what's up with her, if she's pregnant something is bound to come up about her pending motherhood.

Do you know if this person drinks? It could very well be a failing liver. My sister tried to drink herself to death several years ago. To start with, she was a very well built 5'7" 130 lb female. After several years of drinking, she began to have abdominal swelling. There was facial swelling to begin with, but that subsided after about 6 months, and it all went to her stomach. By the time I took her, forcibly, to have a shunt put in her liver, she looked like she was 9 months pregnant with triplets and her arms/legs/face were completely gaunt.
The night before her surgery, they had to aspirate fluids from her abdominal cavity. She weighed in at 92 lbs prior to the removal of 8, and I mean 8, liters of fluid! Think about that in terms of a two liter of soda.....imagine 4 of those floating around your midsection freely.......
I would not ask her if she's pregnant. She might have some serious issues, that by doing so, might complicate or compound matters. Talk to somone that you know is close with her. Tell them that you are concerned about her, ask if they know if she's OK..... Tell that person that you are available to help if you can. (That's if there is a problem) Just tread lightly here.......

A couple of conditions are renal failure with ascites and tumor (either malignant or nonmalignant).

Just a word of advice....if you don't know this woman well enough now to know what's going on, you don't know her well enough to ask. Leave it alone.

Unless you see the baby's head emerging NEVER ASK A PERSON IF THEY ARE PREGNANT. Some body types carry weight in the middle.

BYB's suck Saddam'sPen..
If you ask when the baby is due and she has just put on weight, then you'll look like an as$.

Yes, there are plenty of medical conditions that can make someone look pregnant. Heck, even false pregnancies can make someone look pregnant. Cushing's Disease is a disease that can increase the belly size but leave skinny arms and a skinny face. Tumors, medications, and even cysts can also mimic this.

Do you have any mutual friends that you can ask about her pregnancy status? Or has she started wearing any cutesy clothes that signify impending birth?

You can also say, "You look great, what's different?" And if she doens't speak up, then drop it.

If you can't find out another way, then just leave it be.

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