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What is the name of the condition that mothers try to make their children sick all the time for attention?
My sister-n-law is bound and determined that one of her 3 children be sick all the time. Not just a "cold" sick. She drags them from doctor to doctor and hospital to hospital trying to convince doctors that they have different fatal diseases. There are so many instances I could name. All craziness. Her kids are all healthy normal kids. I understand they need to go WHEN THEY ARE SICK. I was just wondering the name of the condition so I could research it. I am going to send the info to my brother (yes, and cause a war) he seems to be so clueless and believes anything she says. I've known this woman 28 years. she was my friend from elementary school way before she married my brother. He needs to wake up.She is going to cause him to go bankrupt with needless hospital visits and doctor visits. At least 1 of the 3 kids goes to the doctor 1-3 times a week. She will start on one kid and it last about a month and go on to another kid when she can't make them be sick.
Additional Details
I didn't mention "making them sick" or causing it because I tried to state the facts. I can't say for sure she causes it because I don't know for sure. I am not trying to cause trouble but this has been going on for years now that I look closer and I really don't want my neices and nephews to go through anymore. I just needed the name of the condition so that I could read about it and decide what is next. I am not taking this lightly. She also carries a bag around all the time (about 2'x 2") full of prescription drugs and over the counter drugs that she gives them constantly and nothing seems to be wrong with the kids.

Munchausen's by Proxy is a disorder wherein a parent injures a child in some manner so medical attention is needed, and does so in order to gain attention for themselves.
You haven't said that she causes their illnesses, she is just convinced that they are ill. This indicates an obsession on her part. She does need psychiatric evaluation if indeed none of the children is ill.

The answer is Munchausen by Proxy . And I belive you will be doing a great thing for the children by teling your brother if he does not do something about it tell your folks and then really set out an all out war she is ill and she needs help before she hurts one of those children MAY GOD BLESS YOU AND YOUR FAMILY IN THIS TIME OF NEED

sounds like hypocondria, not munchausen. She isnt physically making them sick (which would be a crime). She "thinks" they are always sick. I would research both diseases. You will be starting a war with your bro, thats for sure. Good luck

Munchausen by Proxy

Chris F
Munchausen By Proxy

Abby M
Munchausen by proxy syndrome

Stump O
munchausen by proxy is when they get the kids sick so they can get the attention for themselves

munchausen syndrome of proxy

it's called Munchhausen's by proxy. good luck...

munchousen biproxy. dont know if that is the correct spelling, but thats what it's called.

Yes, Munchausen by Proxy

gia c
munchausen by proxy

Lewis Y
I would say Munchhausen's syndrome by proxy, with respect to the people who said that your bro and sis-in-law was not actually making the kids sick.

While they are correct, I believe that real illness can be psychosomatic-ally induced, and that they psychologically abusing them, and may indeed cause future illnesses.

Gloria M
I believe the condition name you are looking for is Munenhauser Syndrom. However for that to be accurate the mother would actually be doing things to cause the child to be sick ie. poison, rotten food, anything imaginable but it would always caus the child to realy get sick and often hospitalized.
What your sister-in-law is doing sounds at least on the surface to be more related to "Hypocondria by Proxi". You can research Hypocondria then rather than applying it to the adult you must shift to the adult dwelling on a disease and repeted brain washing of the child until the child begins to show appropriate symptomsit is accomplished in steps. An example I have actually seen of this follows......1)Child 1 is repetedly told it is alergic to all growing things. 2)A friend or family member takes child1 to a park. 3)Mother tells child it is itching, over and over until child begins to scratch. 4) Mother tells child that very soon child1 will have red spots that will spread over the entire body, pointing out the redness where child1 has been scratching. 5) when itching and redness finally spread to more than one part of the body, the Adult will act very anxious and very concerned for the child often berating the one who took the child to the park. The point being to prevent the child's mind from wandering where child1 might forget to scratch. 6) After an extend time of numbers 1 through 6 being verbally repeted continuously the Adult may escalate the incident further by insisting welts and even include or go so far as to have the welts get moist and start to weep. "
In the particular case I saw when child1 was seen in the Hospital Emergency Room condition was stated as an overall body rash with raised welts on 30% of the body and on exposed arms and legs their was observed open peaks which were ozing a clear liquid.
Extensive testing showed that child1 had no alergies other than Penicylin, there was a negative response to all substances tested on the childs back.

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