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Hi there,

I was wondering if you have bright red blood does that mean you are healthy and if your blood is VERy adrk does that mean it isn't healthy? Or is it different?


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What is the mental disorder known as when someone believes that they are mentally someone else?
Like someone believing they are George Washington, or something.

that is multi-personality disorder. i dont remeber the scientific name though

SPD (split personality disorder)

horse trainer & expert!!!!!!!!!!
good point I will look into this, you might have discoverd somthing here

Not trying to be funny but if you think you are someone else then you are either on drugs, or alcohol, or you are retarded.

its called schizophrenia. they character Charlie in the movie hide and seek has it. pretty creepy. hope this helped.

iv never heard of that. can u prove its real. r u sure u didnt get it from some tv shw

Tiana M
dilusional?? I know a guy who truly believes he is a rare white 2-legged buffalo and that's his diagnosis. Yes, he's in a mental hospital!

tiffany o
Schizophrenia. Schizophrenia is a serious brain disorder with symptoms that include distorted perceptions of reality, hallucinations and delusions, illogical thinking, and flat or blunted emotions.1 Schizophrenia affects men and women with equal frequency; however, the first signs of schizophrenia typically emerge earlier in men (late teens to early twenties) than in women (twenties to early thirties).2


possably bi polar disorder / multiple personality

I think is called Schizophrenia. There are many levels of it though.

disassociative identity disorder, more commonly known as multiple personality disorder, this could be many things and caused by many things, basically thought this person truly believes that they are not themself, they just dont want to be who they are so they become someone else

Aubreigh S
It is called mental illness. Sometimes, people like to pretend they are somebody else. I like to pretend I am T-Pain sometimes. It makes me feel good. It makes me feel like I'm somebody better than who I really am. You know? That's right.

The Independent Wiz

American Heritage New Dictionary of Cultural Literacy, Third Edition - Cite This Source - Share This
schizophrenia [(skit-suh-free-nee-uh, skit-suh-fren-ee-uh)]

A form of psychosis marked by a strong tendency to dissociate oneself from reality. Schizophrenia is often characterized by hallucinations, delusions, and inappropriate reactions to situations. The word schizophrenia is often used informally as well as scientifically to indicate a split personality.

You may be referring to Schizophrenia, where people suffer from delusions. Often they believe they are historical figures or have religious delusions. Hearing voices and stuff like that. Medication is available for it that controls the delusions very well.

Josh W
this is an identity crises or there just crazy

Jamie P
identity-phobia .lol not sure. search webmd.com

mutable personalities

Double personality.

Split personality disorder.

Dissociative Identity Disorder, identifies a condition wherein a person's personality (or identity) has become fragmented, no longer integrated, the "same one."

multiple personality disorder

Yvonne B
why do you? maybe they believe they are reincarnated or they have amnesia or just too much depression set in.

i agree. i believe its schizophrenia.

theres something called MPD(multi personality disorder) but i dont think thats what you mean.

it is delusion and this symptom can be found in many psychological disorders. The symptom is severe in schizophrenic and sometimes in dissociative identity disorder patients. However, you would want to speak to a Psychatrist to know exactly what's going on because delusion is a symptom in many other mental disorders.

♥oh my....
Schizophrenia or Multiple Personality Disorder. With schizo people often believe they are Jesus or the Devil.


The DSM-IV (Diagnostics and Statistics Manual for Mental Disease, Version 4) calls this dissaciative identity disorder. This is the more polically correct and now medically accurate term for multiple personality disorder.


It could be an illusion of grandeur for schizophrenia. I say that because your example was GW. He is noted in history as a great person. Sometimes schizophrenics will believe they are someone really really important, like God or the devil or the president or whatever.

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