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 Should terminally ill people be allowed to choose euthenasia to end their suffering?

 Why did my doctor tell me my thyroid test was on the "High side of Normal"???
Does this mean that i can be hypothyroid? This really confused me. What are the ranges that they use and what do they mean?
Additional Details
Actually, i am cold all the time, my ...

 My husband who is 62 has to go to urinate 3 or 4 times at night since 4 months.Is it some kind of indication?

 Explain four different factors that can lead the spread of disease?

 I want to know. What organs are below the rib cage on the left side. Something around fist sized. Really hurts

 Self-Diagnosed Insomnia what to do?
I believe i have a little touch of insomnia. I have trouble falling asleep. I work a Job that requires me to be up and at'em by 6:30 in the morning and I don't get home until 6 in the ...

 Any Natural Painkillers Available?
I suffer from arthritis and have been taking Dicloflex for a while, but the affects they are having on my tummy have become unbearable. I have always had a low tolerance for aisprin & ...

 Ive just been told i have epilepsy dose any one else suffer do i have the wright to be sad?
i spend all my time trying to comfort mt family that i dont have enough time to come to terms with it what should i do?...

 Does anyone know from experience how long cocaine stays in your system?
I did about 6 lines on Saturday, now it's Tuesday and might have to take a drug test. Will it likely show up? This was a one time event, I have previously not done cocaine, ever....

 Alcohol withdrawal symptoms?
Ive been drinking about of vodka everyday for about 6 weeks now, and today ive decided Ive got to stop. I think im having withdrawal symptoms im very anxiousness my heart rate has increased. How long ...

 MS...i need some help?
my step mother was diagnosed with Multiple sclerosis(spelling?) i need as much information as i can get. what can we expect? what can she do to help herself? just any information, or if anyone would ...

 My child will be born without a stomach. Is it possible to have one created in a surgery?

 Does anyone know about bells palsy?
I have recently found out that I Bells Palsy but the doctors not sure about it. I know it is caused by a virus but I just want to know if the symptoms and attacks are reacuring?...

 Ive been drinking for near on 30 years.?
I started drinking when I was 16 and for 30 years I have had to have a drink to see the day threw. If I know I have to go out I panic so have to drink. I dont get the shakes in the morning and dont ...

 What is the effects of abortion to the women itself?

 What is the matter with me. A medical condition?
I will try and not be so vulgar but for a while if not ages I have had problems pooing, I have been up to the point where I will not be able to go for 5 days, Once more I can fart for ages ...

 Is fibromyalgia a real illness? A nurse friend told me it is a diagnosis that Drs sometimes give to?
someone with whom there is nowt wrong with..

Not that I have it! lol - It is a friend's partner.. just was a bit taken aback when my nurse friend said this - anyways, as I am so ...

 How do you treat a stye in your eye?

 Health question?
If I have an illness and the doctor offers me treatment, have I the right to refuse that treatment if I want to?...

what can i do i think i am dehydrated i feel nausea, cramps. dont have insurance so cant go to a doc how much water should i drink to get ...

What is that condition called where some people are scared to leave their house?

Being a Baby. you need to move out thats all.

Social phobia

anxiety,sociophobia,agorophobia,and many other conditions will make someone hesitate leaving their house. I am more concirned about why.



augorphobia spelling may be off

if u need u can call..


It's called livinginchicagophobia.

It is called agoraphobia. It literally means that people are afraid of agora (in ancient Greece agora was called a place where people used to gather and talk).

Melissa G


Buzz s
There are a couple of conditions that can cause this. Agorophobia the most common one mentioned already.
Social phobias are another. (People may feel that they should not go out because they are ugly or that the space between their front teeth is offensive.)
Mental illness is another. I know of a person who had an obsession not to show any skin in public. Bandaids, scarves, gloves and hats were the order of the day for this person.


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