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I have had pain in my stomach for a few weeks now. It feels like acid pain or the only way I can explain it is that it feels like when you have been running for a long time you stop because you get ...

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What is the BEST and MOST effective way to cure insomnia?

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 My 4 yr. old granddaughter has a growth inside on her jaw. she eats and lots of blood comes out?
two different drs. have said different things. one ears nose & throat said wait a month and see. the dentist that the emeregency room sent her to, said it was a tumor and could possibly be ...

 Lower stomach pain?
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 Gallstones have surgery or try something else?
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 Need hlep i have a sore throat that won't go away?
it been like 3 weeks and it pain full iam taking antibiotics and all most done but still in ...

What is a good job for a person with back problems?
Person cannot stand in one place very long, has stress related stomach problems, but wants to work. Any past experience or ideas?

mattress tester

I have lots of back problem experience.

First, go to a good CHIROPRACTOR, there are vertebrae in the middle of your back that, besides making your back hurt like crazy (my time on the computer does it to me)
They effect your digestion and your stomach.
I get serious stomach aches when these are out. and my digestion gets really poor.

Start taking fiber in the form of Citrusil everyday morning and night and see if it doesn't help your stomach and digestion straighten out.

Good luck on the job.

Yup; been there; am doing it now. I'm a manager in a group home for Developmentally Disabled individuals. Also, phlebotomy (drawing blood) is a good (and good-paying) job.

Mr. Peachy®
Rather than live with back problems, I got this book and did the 'exercises'... now I don't have back problems:

It might just help. Oh... if you're overweight, losing it will help, also.

i would take a job part time in an office doing paperwork,answering phones or becoming a telemarketer these jobs usually require less than 4 hours a day and not much strain and just get up once an hour to walk around and stretch your back then you wont be in a lot of pain or strain on your back

try working for a chiropractor...then get some free back rubs!

what about smthg artistic u don't have to use ur body only ur brain!!


Doc Gene
If you have a back problem, be sure of what is causing it. Bad posture is the most common culprit. I have a back problem too and i took it lightly and tolerated it for over a year. Until the morning after i pushed myself to do gym exercises, i panicked not being able to stand up from bed. MRI showed a double-disc herniation. i didnot undergo surgery (laminectomy) but physical therapy worked. Now if you ask me if i am back to working in my clinic and in the hospital, i am. You can do anything, just do not strain your back too much. Sit properly, walk straight, don't slouch. Do regular exercise (it is destressing) and maintain an ideal body weight. This way, you can carry yourself around work, without being restricted by back pains. Hope you learned something from me.

hmm. how about a cyropracter

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