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What happens if your appendix bursts?

Additional Details
But why do you die? And how do you really know if you've got appendicitis?

EVH 5150
you die!

you get septic and die!!! If you dont have surgery that is.

You need medical attention quickly or your gut juices give you blood poisoning (septasemia)

You suffer an incredible amount of pain. It can also be fatal. This is why suspected appendicitis needs to be looked at ASAP and treated in hospital.

for starters you would feel quite a bit of pain, then i think you will know that something is wrong???

The Devil Incarnate
Hope you're near a hospital.. (see link)

This is funny. If you had appendicitis, you sure as hell wouldn't be on here asking opinions on it!! My partner had it, he was doubled up in pain, punching walls, headbutting walls...total AGONY, he could hardly breathe, let alone talk. He got to the hospital and it had already started to seep the poison...they said if it had have been left for one hour more, he'd have died. He now has a large scar on his abdomen, but has had no further problems. It's the one pain that I can quite believe is worse than labour!

William D
could just be wind trapped this can cause severe cramps people even think there having heart attacks etc but pain is pain if it dont go away seek medical advice

Generally you will have a REBOUND pain in the lower abdomen. That means it may not hurt when you press on it but it hurts alot when you let go. Blood wise you have a high white count.

its starts of with a dull ache on the left hand side then the pain gradually gets worse your know how bad when you press there if you have these symptoms please go to the hospital if they rupture or burst as some people say it can cause blood poisoning ans septicaemic sets in and you can die through it if not treated quick enough once you have your appendix out you will be in hospital for a few days to recover .

Before your appendix burst, you must have pain, at first the pain is moving around your stomach. Sometimes only every now and again within few weeks. Then when the inflamation continue (untreated) the pain will be on the right side of your stomach and you will have slight fever (high body temperature). The best way to check is to lay down and lift your right leg up and push slightly your right side of your stomach and if the pain is severe, then more likely you have infamation on your appendix. If it is persist and untreated (antibiotic could temporarily cure this but it could come back again) then you might have it burst but you will be then in severe pain and your temperature raise very high -as the peritonium is infected - and you could die because if it as the infection spread fast through body fluid.

Even if it isn't severe and you haven't been ill for a week I would see your doctor anyway; I thought I had the stomach flu once and went into ER anyway at the insistence of my family , and ended up having emergency surgery and being in the hospital for three weeks. Go now please. Our best answer hopes will wait.

u would be in serious pain probibly unable to stand up straight bieng sick the chances r u would bring up blook yuck and the reason u can die from it is a burst appendix can cause blood poisening

Before your appendix bursts (a burst appendix is peritonitis) you get appendicitis, which is inflammation or infection in the appendix. You should probably get your pain checked out because people have been known to suffer from 'Grumbling appendix' for up to 2 years before their symptoms become accute. A grumbling appendix can cause severe pain which gradually fades away, it starts to get more serious when the pain is accompanied by a high temperature and can eventually lead to peritonitis. Peritonitis is fatal if not treated quickly enough!

Fierce Lioness
You wouldn't be on here asking what happens if your appendix bursts. If your appendix was about to burst you'd be in so much pain that you'd be on your way to the ER and not on the computer.

WELL you double up in pain, and are so sick it hurts
you will need an operation
I am glad to hear that you have not got appendicitis
it is a long shot, but could you be constipated?
otherwise make an appointment to see your doctor.

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