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What happens if you leave lice shampoo on for longer than the 10 min? Anyone know?
I left it on my head for about 20-25 min, and it said no more than 10 min....will I be ok???

your head might turn into a lice head overnight...

but you will return back to human form in your next life...

so dont panic

It slowly makes your hair fall out.
lol not really,
its probably so you dont get burns on your scalp.

sammy b
this will be fine. dont worry, this type of lice lotion is best left on for 30 - 60 mins anyway to make sure all the eggs are dead.

You'll be Fine.

its like conditioner.

it says 3 minutes

but ive left it on for half hour before

and it just means it was softer

or for shampoo Cleaner i sopose :S



1 Yes - unless you are a louse. In that case you'll be dead twice over.

2 You may be driven to do irrational things such as post particularly stupid questions on YA.

Your scalp will dry out. Careful with the lice shampoo. The lice get immuned to it of you use it often. Try using vegie oil in your hair. Leave it in over night with a cap on your head. There's no chemicals in your hair. It sufficates the lice and use shampoo and dish detergent mix to wash it out. Your hair will feel better and the lice and nits come right out with the nit comb.

i think its OK unless of coUrse its burning ur scalp if it is take it off immediately

DaVinci tha god
It should just kill the lice!

It can infect the skin on you scalp you could have a reaction to it but you should be ok don't worry

You should be fine, probably will just dry out your scalp. At least you won't have a lice problem afterwards.

i've had lice before, it was reallt severe, and i decided to leave it on for about 15 mins. and i put on three botles and all the lice was gone, i haven't goten lice since.

Moriah A
you will probably be ok but just to be sure you could try calling

Poison Center 1-800-222-1222

Evelyne L
because it can cause skin irritation and damage your hair, it works different on people and thats just a rough estimate. if you feel fine and your head doesnt burn or hurt then you should be ok.

ღ*Pink Cat *ღ
I am sure they will be fine.

permanant lice free? lol

9 lives
You will be fine They have a time limit on it because there is a possibility the chemicals will irritate your scalp.

The lice will definitely be dead.

Jennifer J
You will be fine. That is just the recommended time is the time stated. Don't worry.

It's fine if it's left on longer. Some children are sensitive to it and it can cause irritation if left too long.

You'll probably be better than okay. lol there definately dead!

Nurse Ratched
Yes, I am sure you will be be fine. Probably due to irritants of a chemical.

You will be perfectly fine, its just giving you a guidline on how long to leave it on for, dont worry.

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