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kelley belly!
What does it mean when you're always cold?
I'm always cold. I'm even cold in 80 degree weather. Sometimes I have a hard time sleeping and I eventually have to pile on layers and layers of blankets. I never take my coat off. My parents think that my white blood cell count may be low, but are there diseases and/or symptoms that have to deal with always being cold?
Additional Details
*EDIT* I also always get lightheaded a lot and I often get to the exact moment where I'm about to pass out but I don't. It happens mostly in the morning.

I'm not sure about the specific diagnosis for you as I am not a medical doctor. But I think Traditional Chinese Medicine may be able to help you. TCM is all about having the balance - the opposing yin and yang.

So if you are too "cold", you will need to eat things that will warm you up. A TCM practitioner may ask you to brew certain herbs or recommend certain foods. In addition, you may wish to explore acupuncture to clear all blockages in your blood.

Here is a reference section contributed by various authors on what TCM is all about

Let me first explain my experience. I am a heating/air conditioning tech. I work with an Adviser for a BSA Venturing Crew. We go winter camping and backpacking. I am telling you this so you will understand where I am coming from.

Activity can determine your body temperature. I tell customers not to worry about setting the thermostat at a set temperature and not being comfortable. If the husband is watching TV and drinking iced tea, his comfort level is different then his wife if she is vacuuming the carpet. In this day and time, young people are not as active as I was when we chased dinosaurs.

How well hydrated the body is will effect the heating and cooling of the body. Again, with the habits of drinking mega tons of sodas, tea, or coffee, most Americans are suffering from some level of dehydration. Drink plenty of water and lay off the Cokes.

You may be acclimatized to wearing jackets. Since I work outside, I have developed a tolerance for cold weather. When other people may wear jackets, I don't have to. You may have become accustomed to wearing extra layers.

I hope this helps you. Good luck!

Anemia, which is a red cell count disorder, and there are several different types. usually, feeling cold is caused by low hemoglobin.
Deficiency of some vitamins and minerals can do it- including B vitamins and D. (Don't supplement without seeing a doc, tho, because you can mask a serious disorder and delay an accurate diagnosis.)
Heart defects can cause feelings of cold because your body is conserving energy by limiting blood flow to the arms and legs.
Rheumatic fever can cause a heat defect that leaves the patient weak and cold.
Thyroid problems can also cause heat dysregulation and make you feel cold.
Immune problems and allergies can cause this.
Reynaud's Disorder is also a possibility.
White cell counts that are high usually cause fevers and sweats, so tell your parents to stop practicing medicine without a license and get you to a qualified physician to fins out what is wrong. Something is very wrong and you should not wait any longer. This is not normal. Itmay not be an emergency but it is urgent- tell the doctor you need to be seen as soon as possible.
Good luck, honey.

Ask your doctor to check your Thyroid. People with underactive Thyroid are always cold when nobody else is. Is your face puffy?

KaThErInE XoX KiTt XoX KaTt
you need a sweater

you are a lizard

Anemia is low iron... and i have that. it makes you cold and sometimes lethargic and you may bruise easier. Its a really easy test for you doctor to do. Personally i think you are to cold for it to just be low iron, but could be a part of your troubles. ask your doctor.

Anemia can cause you to be cold all the time. Talk to your doctor and he can do a test for it and put you on iron pills if you need it.

tina marie
Poor circulation could be the problem. Smoking also can cause this. Low blood pressure can make you cold, too. Pls. see your doctor about this. The cure could be simple.


Lisa A
Hypothyroidism causes this. If your heart rate is low, I would say 100% you have hypothyroidism.

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