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What do you feel like after waking up from General Anesthesia?
Do you feel scared, disoriented, etc....

I never felt scared or disoriented. I've had surgery twice, and both times I realized where the heck I was when I woke up. The first time though was a killer. The pain killer had already worn off and the nurses were not allowed to give me anything for several hours.
The 2nd was just an appendectomy and I went home the next day. They didn't even stitch me up. They just put tap over the incision.

Megan F
After my first surgery, I woke up hallucinating and later, I became nauseated. After my second surgery, I woke up in a panic even thought I knew where I was and was not in any pain. I would not worry about it to much. Whichever state you wake up in will not last long.

feel tired and probably sore. Depends really on what it is used for. Typically have dry lips and a sore throat cuz they use a tube to help you breathe.

Groggy, spacy, mellow.

Well it depends on what they used for anaesthesia. also the procedure performed. disoriented maybe, but scared unlikely. If it is not a painful condition, during recovery one feels like waking up from deep sleep. It feels like one is still dreaming. One may be having nausea or may vomit if the antiemetic premed was not given or doesn't work.

Melissa F
Everyone will react to anesthesia a little differently. Most of the time if you are in a happy place when you are put out you will be when you wake up as well. It can make people sad, happy, scared, or just generally emotional. I've seen people cry, some laugh hysterically and some do get sick from it. Most of the time complications would include a feeling of nausea and in some cases people do vomit as well. I wouldn't worry toomuch about it, the more you worry about it the more fear you will have in your mind when you go under.

You might not remember waking up the first couple of times. You will be in and out and fall asleep very quickly. Gradually your ability to stay awake will increase as will your alertness. I've had 9 surgeries where I was under anesthesia and didn't feel anything negative while waking up from any of them. Good luck with your surgery.

I've had 7 major surgeries (3 were 10 hours each, two were 2 hours, one was 8 hours and one was 12 hours) and to each of them I reacted slightly differently. For the most part I've waken up knowing where I was, how I got there and on pain meds. I was extremely nauseated (how my body reacts), very sleepy, and pretty much out of it.

The 10 hour surgeries (legs) I remember waking up in the recovery room on and off. Seeing my dad was the first person I saw when I woke up, along with my mom, the nurses and my surgeon. I don't remember the trip to my hospital room though. I was pretty much out of it the rest of the day, but was more alert and awake longer the next day.

For my 8 hour surgery (which was an emergency spinal fusion) I remember seeing my dad after surgery and than because it was so late sleeping in the recovery room that night instead of going up to the floor. However, for my 12 hour surgery I don't recall much of anything because I was pretty much sedated and groggy (spent 3 nights in ICU). I vaguely remember seeing my parents and hearing the beeps and noises of the monitors in my room, along with my nurse.

Mostly though I was nausea, very sleepy, a grump (don't like to be wakened after every surgery at night - which is what the nurses do: vitals and such, ughhh). As the minutes and hours go bye the affects of the GA wear off and soon your back to yourself again. I have a rare form of dwarfism in that if I had not had all these surgeries done - I would be either in a wheelchair or have a broken neck and be a veggie. Within the next year or so I will once again be going in for my 3rd surgery on my right hip - in order to keep me from needing a wheelchair permanently.

I hope this answers your question.

Pretty Girl!
Definitely Tired and Nauseous

You feel really dizzy and weak. It feels like you were sleeping for days. Its hard to sit up and need assistance walking right after. But after about 15 - 30 mins depending on the way your body takes it your fine

I felt dizzy, disoriented, weak, and extremly tired.
After a little while you will feel more back to earth a better. But you still might remain tired.

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