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 My sister has this weird thing.?
has this weird thing where like her throat is REALLY SWOLLED and she cant breath, andnow both her ears are infected.
the docs dont know ahts wrong.

any ideas?
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 How can a person who has used cocaine 36 hours before a drug test (urine) pass?

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 Carpel tunnel syndrome?
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 Trapped water in my ear!?
Hi there

Does anyone have a solution for trapped water in my ear as i can hardly hear!



 What are other reasons why a person would have a seizure besides epilepsy?
I've heard how people have had seizures but aren't necessarily epileptic. Some is from drugs/medications, & I also hear how stress can trigger it off, too. What are other reasons?...

trent d
What can you take to get cocaine out your system?

ask the 5-0
dey kno wat 2 do

Lorraine W
fluids lots of water, but is still in your hair follicles skin, you learn that in health class or you can look it up on pamphlets

Sarah C
you cant get it out your system it can last upto 48hours
the only way its seen if you are blood tested or a sample of your wee is taken.

It has to work it's way out on it's own. You can help it by drinking lots of water to flush your system, but there's no magic pill here. Sorry.

Take some kind of depressant like Heroin or Alchohol, the depressant should cancel out the upper like Cocaine and it'll all be good.

half life of coke is only a few hours.

Dr Simon
Dont take it in the first place you idiot.

Cocaine is one of the most nasty, life destroying drugs on the street.

Courtney B
It dosnt tend to stay in your body as long as marijuana...But it depends on how often you use it, if you don't use it alot it can stay in your pee for 1-3 days, but if you do use it a lot it can stay for up to 12 weeks. I wouldn't buy one of these kits...but drink a lot of water/Cranberry juice try to flush your system out.

Don't take no Mo' Cocaine. It makes you insane in the brain.

Kaptain Krakatoa
Crystal meth. The chemicals in meth combine with Cocaine to form harmless by-products that are undetectable in medical tests. Be sure to take 3 parts meth for every 1 part Cocaine that you took. Good luck!

Footnote: This is a joke. Please don't do this. Just give the coke some time and it will work its way out.

generally it takes 3 days but during that time drink lots and lots of water!

Adam L

Awesome Bill - Go Bums!
By not using it of course.

Lucky for you, it doesn't remain in the bloodstream for a long time. But it will show up in hair follicle and fingernail tests.

On a side note, I have been clean for 3 years and 4 months after struggling to quit for 16 years. In all, I used from the ages of 12 to 44 and I screwed myself out of parenthood, career, friends, and whatnot because the high I got from drugs became my sole purpose in life.

I'm telling you this because there was a time when I was merely trying it out and never dreamed or imagined that I was going to become an addict - much less was I even aware or cognizant of what addiction was all about.

It's your life and do what you want with it. And there is no way of saying whether you'll become an addict or not. But once you cross the threshold between user and addict - you will never be able to come back.

Don't waste your life.

Stop using it.

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