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zach c
What can i do to get my doctor to prescribe me xanax?
i am on klonopin but they make me angry and frustrated do you think he'd move me to xanax

lizi g
ask him

Medicine is poison... Try yoga or breathing exercises if you really want to solve these kind of problems.

Ryan G
Most doctors you just have to ask. I told my doctor I was going on a long flight to germany 12 hours. I told her flying gives me anxiety. She prescribed me 40 Xanax. Good luck

If you are needing to ask someone for the necessary language to get yourself a certain pill (Xanax)...you are not needing it.......you are wanting it.
That's addiction.

c g
Many doctors are little more than dealers at this point. "Tell your doctor..."

So yeah, tell your doctor the problems you're having with your current prescription and why you'd like to change. There are doctors around here that have a reputation for dishing out drugs at the drop of a hat.

Convince him that you have medical need.

if you've been on the Klonopin a while there's a chance you could be developing a tolerance to it to where it's no longer having it's target/desired effect, of course talk to your doc. about changing or even increasing your current dose. Once again talk to your doc first!

It may not be that your medicine isn't right for you. I was taking Paxil, and when on it, I couldn't sleep, and was kinda edgy. The Dr. gave me Xanax, in addition to my Paxil. The combination was the answer. Xanax alone didn't do it for me either. So, maybe you need it to calm the anger down, but I don't think you should stop taking your Klonopin just yet. It also depends on how long you have been on it. Please report ALL side effects to your Dr. Good Luck, I know how you feel, but you will get better!!! Just be patient.

Sanity Assassin
How do you know "Xanax" would be any different? Have you taken it before? -If so, tell that to your Doc, that you've tried it and it worked....or is someone you know taking it, and it's 'working'?....These kinds of drugs work VERY differently for different people!
If your current meds. aren't working you should DEFINITELY tell THAT to your Doc! It's YOUR body, YOUR feelings and emotions! (DON'T let your Doc. talk you into STAYING on meds. that make you MORE miserable....) though you DO have to give these things 'time' to be 'fully effective', sometimes you 'just know' IMMEDIATELY, that it 'isn't going to work'!
Try just telling your Doctor that you've "heard about/read up on Xanax"(Hopefully you have.) and would like to give it a try! What have you got to lose?
I've 'tried' EVERY DRUG imaginable(-talking about the Rx's for 'depression', 'anxiety',etc.), over the course of about 25 years(and STILL have had NO LUCK.....!) I KNOW how you feel! (-If you're lucky enough to even BE 'FEELING' "FEELINGS" right now....some of these drugs take "Them" away(!) -ALL of them, COMPLETELY!) I wish you luck! I really do!!

Xanax is a very good medication for anxiety and depression also for treating panic attacks.I have first hand experiencing with them.I could not even leave the house for along time.Being on Xanax for the last 6 months.Now I can go shopping.Go to the hair dresses and lead a normal life again.Have a talk to your Doctor.

I know how you feel. I used to take Xanax regularly. Talk to your doctor. Xanax is not as easily prescribed any longer. The last time I asked a psychiatrist for it he gave me something else that works just as well but isn't Xanax. Apparently, there are many side effects to it now that they have discovered compared to others. I have clonaxepam and Buspar and do well on them both. I would talk to your doctor and see what they recommend. You may need to see a psychiatrist for Xanax and if you aren't, they can refer you and try what they give you. I went thru several different meds before finding what works for me. I wouldn't push it though if they won't give it to you, but try whatever else they recommend if you are having negative side effects of clonipin. Good luck! Take care and hope this helps...

helen r
Simplest way is to sit down and chat to your doctor and explain why you want to change.Tell him how you feel etc.

Some doctors do not like prescribing Xanax as it is addictive. I was told that it should be taken every day for it to be effective. If it is for anxiety I suggest Aropax. This is taken every day and trust me it is the best. It works really well!!!! Also Serapax is a medication also for anxiety that you can take one whenever needed. This, for me, puts me to sleep if I take the whole tablet. Speak to your doctor. I am sure that if your current medication is giving you side effects that you are not happy with, he/she will change your medication, but it may not be Xanax. Also if one doctor won't prescribe you something try other doctors. Some doctors will prescribe more easily than others.

He might. Ask him and explain that the klonipin affects you in a negative way. I got that way when I tried St. John's Wart. It didn't take long for me to stop using that stuff.

Klonopin is supposed to be longer lasting. Perhaps he thinks there is less chance of abuse with it. I can not imagine that it would make you angry, maybe you are really more angry that you don't feel a NOTICEABLE relief from your discomfort.

Wikepedia says "One milligram of Clonazepam is approximately equivalent to twenty milligrams of Diazepam. " i.e. Xanax, so do some research and take a good hard look at what you really need and why you are really so angry. Best of luck!

talk to your doctor. anytime you ask for a specific class 3 narcotic you will send red flags up for a physician.

Tell him your symptoms on the meds you are on, tell him you have done some research on various medication alternatives ( and DO IT). Discuss these different medications with him/her and ask if they feel a switch in medicatiosn would help your condition.

the best thing to do is to talk to your doctor about switching your med and tell him that it makes you angry and frustrated. ask him if you can try Xanax to see if it works.

hope this helps

Set for life
The only thing you can do is ask your doctor.

If you don't have a history of abusing medications, he should consider it for you. But you sound apprehensive. Are you?


dont ask him to do it or he never will, you have to ask like this "is there something better that you could give me, this I am taking is making me feel bad and they are not working" if you are lucky he will give you the ones you want.

isabelle b
Tell him the medication you are taking now doesn't do for you, he should change it. That's why there are different kinds for the same problem.

The only way you will know that is if you ask. Go prepared with a list of reasons why you want to change.

no idea
Tell him your symptoms and if he thinks Xanax would work better then he will.

you need to really talk to him about it. tell him you are concerned about the way it is affecting you and that you are wondering if Xanax would work better for you.

Tell him you need to travel somewhere and are afraid of flying.

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