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What can cause an enlarged liver in a healthy 17 year old boy?

Additional Details
He is an athlete..(yep; he use to drink those protein drinks)
No drinking or drugs (im not being nieve, he is the designated driver--he has seen where that will get you)
He refuses asprin,and all other pills (even when hes really sick)
No idea where i went right with him and his brother !!! they dont even eat junk food.
STD bloodwork is clean (They arent saints :-)

diabetes, meth use, booze, hepatitus

too much alcohol, certain medicines that he might have taken for a long period. he really should see a doctor.

often, that comes of a drinking problem

but you should ask a doctor

Really high fat intake, too much alcohol consumption, heredity.

I had this happen to me when I was 16-17.
I had been using Tylenol for headaches, and had partied with some uppers that year. I wasn't eating well. I had to go on 6 months of antibotic treatment. It was embarassing, cuz the Hospital where I got the meds from gave out meds for junkies. I wasn't a junkie!! But, my family couldn't afford the medication at the pharamcy.

Your liver filters out toxens.
I went on a high fiber diet, and ate more vegetables, and less fat. I also had a big dose of horse pill vitimans very day. A lot of B vitiamins. Now they make an otc Liver Detox, it really works and can get your enzymes down. My liver is fine now. But, when i was 17 the doctor felt my liver and it was tender.
He said it was 3x's the normal size. I also lost some wieght, OH-- I had surgery and ended up getting hepitiis from the hospital.

So, that's why my liver was enlarged.
they didn't know a lot about Hepititis back then.

I'm glad I got treated, and I'm fine now.
I'm glad I out grew my experimental partying days as well!
Good health habits can never start too early!


Research it! and don't play sports, it can rupture your spleen and you die. (If you have mono)

Mono is common in young guys.

After an liver disease where one has recovered the liver builds on more lobes to to the work . The result is a protrusion beyond the rib cage that remains hot when the tummy is cold. Alcohol could be involved but it is more likely from STD.

Protein. Make sure he doesn't take any of that GNC protein supplements for body builders. That stuff is liver-killer - my doctor told me it contains way too much protein and its very unhealthy for your liver.

Psychologist In The House
diabetes ,cirrohsesss, and hep c

perhaps hepatitis

Only thing I can think of is excessive alcohol use.

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