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 Can you have 6 kidneys with cysts?
My acquaintance seemed a little down. I asked him what was wrong and he spilled out with his "Gigantic Secret". He says he is dying. He has 6 kidneys. He had two, the two duplicated and 2 ...

 What does it mean to always have unusually cold hands and feet? Is there something wrong with me?

 I got bit by a tick, need advice..?
I had a tick on me, a very small tiny tick, and well, I didnt realize it was a tick at first.. I just had an itch, and scratched it, then later, itched there again, and then later itched in the same ...

 Constant thirst/Headache/Vision Issues?
For the last few weeks, I've been drinking alot more. And it seems no matter what I drink, I'm still thirsty. To the point I've made myself sick by drinking so much my stomach sloshes.....

 I hear Voices in my own head!? :S?
ok, im 14 and for 3 years now i have heard many mixed voices in my head, it is very scary!!
at first when i was 11 it seemed like 12 people talking but now i am 14 it has been lowered to about 3,...

 What are symptoms of Lactose Intolerance?

 I Feel ill?
Whats wrong with me if I have a pain on both sides of my head. Just where my jaw meets the bottom of my ears. I feel a little hot....

 What could these symptoms mean?
I have been to the doctor and he has referred me to a gastro-enterologist but they appointment isn't for another two months.

I feel really ill and have had these symptoms for two ...

 Worried about my Mums legs she has fluid?
I'm worried about my Mums legs she has had problems for ages, she had 3 layer compression bandages on for weeks and only 10 days ago got the stocking put on her right leg, the left one was done ...

 Could someone tell me what a "dry alcoholic" is? Serious answers only.?

 What to do if you have gout?
Toes are better after an Antibotic, Finger very painful up to wrist. Atibotic didn't seem to help one bit for the finger Don't know what to do except take pain pills. Can someone suggest ...

 Where are vaccines to prevent the cause of the developments of cancer, diabate and high blood pressure ?
cancer, diabate and blood pressure kill where are their vaccines ?
my parents died of cancer will i not die with the same disease ?...

 I was prescribed an Anti-depressant to help with my chronic insomnia. I am 17, is this a normal diagnosis?

iam severly depressed and i have been planning to kill myself for almost a week ......i dont know what to do i told people at school that i was moving ...i dont know what to do my parents dont think ...

 Does any one realise how lucky they are?
m watching ch 4, those poor girls, who suffer from Harlequin ichthyosis. im never gonna complain about a spot ...

 Is there any way to get medication paid for that I need and my insurance won't cover?
I have Multiple Sclerosis, am constantly fatigued and was taking provigil(modafinil) to help me until my insurance stopped paying for it. It costs @ $250/ month and I support my 2 kids on disability ...

 I ate a raw hotdog?
i was at my friends house and she had oscar meyer weiners, and so i was making a hot dog and it said to put it in the micro for 30 sec so i did and it was colld is raw cuz i think it was raw :((( my ...

 Severe abdomen pain...what's wrong with me?
for about 2 years now i have had severe abdominal pain on and off. its usually upper left abdominal pain or middle left and gets so sore i can do little other than lie in bed with it, not even being ...

 Hi, i was diagnosed to have a scoliosis. what's that?
i searched what it is in yahoo and Google, but i just can't understand! could somebody tell me in layman's term what scoliosis is? and what will happen to me? what are the treatments needed....

 Can the terminally ill say anything that would make us value our lives more or...?
would just spending some time with them make us value what we have?...

What are possible reasons someone may appear drunk without drinking alcohol?
When I say appear drunk, I mean staggaring walk, slurred words, hazy eyes, odd breath, bad temper, memory loss, laughing & talking to self, maybe hallucenations, basically appearing totally & completely smashed. Then 2-3 hrs later w/o food or sleep... being coherant & steady again... but still pissy.

Could someone please list some possiblities? Im wondering if there is an illness, disease, or mental problem that could also cause these types of symptoms. Thanks for your help.

What you mentioned and laughing funny


Diabetes is a biggie! Also, there is the possibility of an electrolyte imbalance from a malfunctioning liver....

Catherine F
Tired, hungry, dehydrated, drugged (legal or otherwise).

concussion, shock, diabetic hypo-hyperglycemia, certain drugs,...

Sleepy Gee
You should bring this person to the emergency room immediately. These symptoms could be a sign of a number of things, including very serious problems like a stroke or seizure. Anything that affects someone's behavior and motor skills so dramatically is a good sign that it's a problem within the brain, so do not play around and get them to a doctor, stat.

I'd relate those sysptoms to meth use. (crank) ---- if not, I guess it could be diabetes or the alike (hypoglocemia) but I doubt it because the person would have felt like eating which doesn't sound like the case. Could also be smoking weed but that usually calms a person, doesn't make them pissy.

Diabetics can get this way when their blood sugar is abnormal. There are also a variety of psychological disorders that can explain this behavior.

Diabetes. It is often mistaken for drunkenness. Diabetes is a good suspect for the symptoms you've described. Diabetic Ketoacidosis causes very weird metallic or fruity breath.

well, diabetes/blood sugar issues do that, from personal experience.

i was just reading this psychology book about such a behaviour and it strongly makes me think of some kind of a mental illness. im afraid to say more cos im not an expert..but sounds like it to me though. amm neurosis or psychosis (there ar lots of subspecies )

Nurse Nice
Low blood sugar - particularly if the person is diabetic.

My professor at college started off our 3 hour class acting fine. About half way through, she started acting crazy, slurring her speech, doodling on the board, very disoriented. She is diabetic and was in insulin shock. Luckily, she informed us the first day of class of her condition so we knew what was happening. We called the campus paramedics. She ended up fine in the end. The thing is, stress makes her diabetes worse so she was having these spells frequently during this week. My suggestion, if you have not been diagnosed as diabetic, get checked. You may be borderline and if you are experiencing any additional stress, it could be enough to push you into this reactive state. Diabetes, caught early, can be treated with diet and exercise, which will also help manage stress.

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