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Should a child go to school after just being diagnosed with MONO?
I was wondering if a child should go to school just 3 days after being diagnosed! There are absolutly no symptoms but she claims she has it!! A friend went to the school nurse and the nurse said that the situation is under control and children with mono are allowed to go to school! Also she says she has a form which isnt contagious but I can't find such a thing online and nobody I've talked to has heard about it! Please helpp!

Elle Sandros
If it isn't contagious, and the nurse said it is fine, it should be alright, but I would get a doctor to diagnose her first, I've rarely heard of any mono that wasn't contagious.

billy v
What's Mono?

Yes, they can go to school, they just absolutely can't share water bottles/lip balm/food/etc or kiss anyone--its transmitted through bodily fluids--so as long as she's careful about that stuff it's okay.
Blood tests can tell if you have mono. Mono has very few symptoms usually--often the person is just very, very tired.

i woodnt send them!! they mite like...well...somethin bad mite happen.....but....my mom sent my sis 2 cherleading comp. w/ mono...so idk...i woodnt!

Amy M pregnant with #2 and #3
Mono is called the kissing disease because you have to take in the other person's saliva. Most of the time anyway. The danger lies in the fact that the spleen is enlarged and more vulnerable to rupture.

it all depends how many ppl know the child has mono..
if alot then no
if not then go

I would keep the kid out for one day to let the antibiotics settle in and get it under control and then let them go back to school becauase I think that mono is only contajious if you will share a drink with somebody or saliva or kissing.so as long as they dont do any of that then i think they are fine

The bit of info often posted here is that mono is HIGHLY contagious, it is a very very mildly contagious disease and is usually seen in isolated cases. Meantime a person with mono usually goes to the doctor because they are sick and sick people don't go to school. In addition mono is an illness that requires a lot of rest and since the sick person is usually very tired out it doesn't usually take much to figure that out.

look there is no worry i had mono and really all you have to do is buy boxes and boxes of posicles and make the kid eat them and it will make her urinate mono tires you if you exercise alot so just let the kid rest because the more you move the slower it takes to leave youre system this happens by sharing Chapstick lip stick lip gloss lip balm water bottles eating from others peoples meals using same forks or spoons or kissing most likely but i mean shes a child that cant be it must of been for using a friends lip gloss or balm

Mono is a HIGHLY contagious disease.

You need to ask your doctor and have her diagnosed. If she has mono, it's a good idea for her to stay home, because it's very contagious!

You really need to talk to the doctor and either get the release to go to school, or have a doctors note to stay home. Depending on your state, it may be illegal to keep a minor home for longer than a certain period of time without a doc note...

NO, mono is very contagious, the child should be home for about two weeks.

No mono is contagious if the child drinks after another,and so forth,goto this website and it should help you out more with information on mono.It's WebMd.com.

NO, its contagious.

Rockstar Mommy
NO Mono!! If she has mono keep her at home. You don't want others getting it & plus if she does have it she really does need to sleep & get her rest to get better. I had it a few months ago & it was horible!

hailyn s

I dont think children should be allowed to go to school with something that is so contagious. I know that there are other contagious stuff out there, but mono can usually take up to three weeks or more and can weaken and/or make someone bed-ridden. This is ridiculous and an outrage.

This all sounds very weird. Infectious Mononucleosis is highly contagious. I would expect a person with a positive Epstein-Barr and sore throat, etc would be too ill to go to school for at least a week or two.

If the child in question is very young, say a preschooler, it is common for mono to be a mild illness with few symptoms.

Many of us have had mono as young children, but do not know it as it translated into such an innocuous event. This happens more often in 2 yr olds than it does in teens.

Kenzie L
Not for atleest like, a week. Cause mono usally lasts like, a month.

If she had mono she would not be able to walk around school. If she is then she doesn't have mono.

William B

well i you can't get mono unless you dink out of her drink
or kiss her or any kind of fluid contact so yes like if he or she
has mono and has a boyfriend or girlfriend then they should not kiss do to the fact that he or she can spred it at any time
through contact so yes she should be able to go to school
cause even thourgh she has been diagnosed with mono she can't really hurt unless she has contact


kids at my school with mono are out usually for like 2-3 weeks u should take it seriously and have her checked out by her doctor

**In Love**
I would think absolutely not!

Ask the doctor no one on here could have better advice for you when I had mono I was at home for three months

The answer is an unequivicable NO!
Most sicknesses today could be avoided (including HIV, etc.) if people who are sick would just stay home.

k t
my friend had mono and he didn't go back to school for three weeks because thats how long it took for it to go away. wait till it is gone then let her go back to school

Neither your child nor the school nurse is a doctor. Take your child to your family doctor and have him diagnose the medical condition. If the doctor determines the child needs to be "away from school" he will provide the necessary excuse form to justify his absence. Nurses are good for taking temperature and baby sitting a complaining child until the parent can come pick them up. The rules and restrictions placed on the school nurses today are so many they are really highly paid baby sitters.

Azure AM
Nope nope nope nope!

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