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Severe pain in lower back, tiredness, urgency to pee alot and cloudy urine.. whats wrong with me??? :(?
For the past few months i have had really bad lower back pain (especially over the area of my right kidney)

The pain comes on really suddenly and randomly, even if im sitting down talking to someone and it would be so painful i would say 'oww' (..or something like that!) in mid-sentence.

The pain starts in the area of where my right kidney would be and then it shoots up my spine and down my right leg, but also stays in my right kidney area for quite a long time.. i find it hard to walk after it happens, and if it happens when i am standing i almost collapse.. i know its definately not normal, but if anyone has any suggestions as to what might be causing it please could you tell me!

I also experience a lot of tiredness, even after sleeping for more than 12 hours, i have the urgency to pee a lot (annoying!) and also i sometimes have cloudy urine =

Uti or bladder infection. Drink lots and lots of water and Cranberry juice

Why haven't you gone to the doctor/hospital?

I mean seriously ...

That's what I have right now! Just go to your doctor and they'll run tests and most likely prescribe antibiotics. After that you should feel better in a day or two.

Sounds like diabetes to me. Go get checked out.

go to your dr and get some antibiotics.its a infection.in the meantime drink plenty of water and Cranberry juice...Godbless

happy girl
Please go to doctor or ER asap. I'm not sure but you could have a bad urinary Tract infection. You could have kidney failure approaching. Feel better.

Lady Canyon
Sounds just like a bad urinary Tract infection or potentially a kidney infection. See the doctor right away, as this will probably get worse the longer you wait. If you can't get to the doctors within the next day or 2, they sell some product at drug stores that help with these symptoms. They don't cure you but can give some relief. Azo is a brand that makes such medicine. You can find them usually in the aisle with all the feminine hygene products or next to the yeast infection treatments.
Good luck!

sound like you have kidney stones.

Holly M
Sounds like a kidney infection, caused by a baldder infection, it needs to be taken care of ASAP and I would go strait to the hospital just to play it safe. Not going can cause sever consiquences.

Good luck.

Kidney infection. Do you also have a fever? Either way get yourself to the Dr. or you will end up doing some serious damage/

Carolina Sunshine
This could be a kidney or bladder infection. I certainly would recommend that you have a doctor check it out. You may need to be on an antibiotic.

You have a kidney infection. GO TO THE DOCTOR!!

Omar Ahsan

Sounds like a kidney or urinary Tract infection. You need to see a doctor to get some medication to clear that up before you do some damage.

Shimmy D
You may have a very serious UTI. You should see a doctor, this is serious!

You could have an intermittent urinary/kidney infection.

It might also be sciatica, particularly as you mention the effect upon walking and balance.

As you have had this for so long you should be seeking a doctor's advice, not ours.

Go to the Doctor!!! Why would you ask that kind of question here!!!! Just get in the car and go--sounds like an infection.

Kidney stone maybe. Possible somekind of Infection. Go to the doctor.

Diane A
Why are you putting up with this for months and on YA asking people what you have. You NEED a medical evaluation!! Before whatever you have gets a whole lot worse! You could have kidney stones, kidney infection, something wrong with your spine, pelvis, or even something systemic like diabetes. Please get some real help.

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