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 Did anna nicole smith die from lupus, has it been released yet?
I'm scared, i have lupus, described exactly the same as ...

 I have not found the answer to this concern i have....?
i have a concern about my boyfriend..he drinks a lot of water a day..probably more than 8 glases of water..but he doesn;t urinate that much only 2 times a day..is this a serious problem?...

 What's the best way to handle fibromyalgia?

 Liver pain?
i have pain in my right middle upper body, i consulted a organs diagram and I believe it is my liver...what should i do?? what could it be???(other than go to doctor..I am planning on going very soon)...

 How long does it take for dissolving stitches to go away?
i had a deviated septem/chronic sinus infection surgery yesterday and there are the self-dissolving stitches in my nose...about how long will it be for them to disolve? i havent had stitches since i ...

 Is citalopram safe?
i have been told to have this upt o 20mg for depression and severe social anxiety. iv e heared bad things about people getting worse and killing themselves. is this true. what does it change in you? ...

 Should you be drinking wine while suffering from chronic fatigue syndrome??

 I occasionally get tender armpits with slight swelling any ideas?

 What is wrong with my digestive system?
I am reposting this, after very little answer success with my previous question: Okay, so I have been throwing up frequently since age 15 (I am currently 18), usually once every couple of weeks. H...

 Alcoholic husband, dry, but for how long ?
my husband has been an alcoholic almost all of his life[ he's 49] he's been dry now for about one year. do you think he will ever go back to drinking? has anybody ever went through this? he ...

 Is having severe stomach pains which causing you to faint are early signs that you have schizophrenia?

Additional Details
I know its kinda bizarre but I heard that your brain singals that your stomach is hurting but actually something wrong with your brain. I hope that makes kinds sense, ...

 Have any of you ever gotten so sick you thought you would never get better but then you did?
Also have any of you ever almost died and then got better.In the last 7 years ive had 3 surgerys and seems im always sick with one thing .I want to beleive that I can get better.Im lucky nothing life ...

 What causes tapeworms in humans?

 Will having a positive drug test (cannabis) affectmy chances of getting my student visa for australia?
in response to some of the answers:
im not a dealer, i have no criminal record
i smoke but not all the time, its recreational
i dont drink and dont judge people who do, i know cannabis ...

 Pain in my armpit?
I went for a run this morning, i have just started out (dont know of this is relevant but want to be thorough) and had a shower after. As I was washing under my arms I had a sharp pain in my left ...

 How can i cure my self of sweting hands?

 How to treat a sinus infection?
Just today my doctor told me i had a sinus infection she gave me medicine to take but i was wondering if anyone knows any home remedies that would help take the pain away or help cure it faster. T...

 Eyesight query. Plssss. Help!!!?
Recently I got my eye checked. The doctor told that I have nearsightedness of -0.5 and that it is very meagre, all my family members have defect of around -3. I dont want to wear any glasses as I can ...

 Three weeks ago my so call friend made me try a small sample of cocaine. Today urine drug test. Well I pass?

 I feel like I want to cut my throat off. Any home remedies for a sore throat?
Its killing me and I can't get out to a store right now for medicine. Any home remedies for a sore throat?
Or any medicines that work really well that I might can pick up later?...

Okay, is it a bad thing to get drunk once or twice a week at 40 years old?

no! Bless ya!

Look at all the rockers and alcoholics out there who are still going. Drunk almost every day at 60.

It will just hit you a bit more so be careful and know when enough is enough.

How drunk are we talking and is it one or twice or....? Are you at home catchin' a buzz over the weekend or do you stop every other night at the bar on the way home from work get blasted and then drive home? I expect if you have a drinking problem, at 40 you are either going to figure it out or not, but if you are looking for justification to have a couple of beers once in a while, go ahead. Just please stay off the road. I have family and friends out there. Thanks.

Now what do you think, moron! Yes, it is bad.

It's a "bad thing" to get drunk once or twice a week at any age and the older you are, the harder it is on your internal organs.

noooooo not at all you are still going strong!!!!!

Kristina C

it's healthy to have one or two drinks a night.
it's unhealthy to overdrink/binge every now and then.

If your brain/body is demanding/craving the drink, then yes it is. You may have a blood sugar imbalance that may ultimately become diabetes. If you get checked out now, and start eating stuff that will cut the cravings to zero, then you can drink (not to drunkeness) a bit now and again, because you enjoy the taste.

Check out www.hufa.org for basic information on blood sugar imbalances.

No. How drunk? Totally excrement faced?

Poison Ivy
If you have to ask, then the answer is probably yes. My guess is that you probably drink more than you say you do anyway.

Dangerous Danny
Instead ask yourself this. Are you addicted? Can you stop at any time? Is your drinking hurting anyone else including yourself? If you are doing it for fun and not interfering in someone elses life, then it is not that bad, but remember that you may cause damage to yourself in the long run.

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