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 How do you ease migrane pain?? Is it my headache a migrane?
The pain is right at the front of my head i cant see properly not double vision, and i feel sick with it, I need to take about 6 strong ibuprofen painkillers just to touch the pain. My eyesight is ...

 My four year old son suffers from headaches wth/vomiting. Our G.P. does not seem too concerned. Should I be?
I am concerned there may infact be an underlying condition that may be serious. My G.P. has proven in the past that sometimes her attention to detail is not the best for my Family, so I am wondering ...

 Does anyone here have/know a child with Asperger's, or other form of Autism?
Would like to hear stories from anyone who has a family member, or knows someone with Autism (Mainly Asperger's Syndrome). One of my sons was diagnosed with this, and I would like to know what ...

 Any ideas on what disease i should write my disease assignment on?
i want something that is interesting and not too common
&isn't too hard to find information on
but is still worth researching

all opinions are wanted!

 Can cot death be cured?
Scientists are saying cot death is caused by a genetic fault in the brain. Can this be cured?...

 Crohn's Disease help slash diarrhea help..aka potassium loss?
I have crohns disease and suffer from diarrhea like 2-5 times a day I think i need more potassium to make up for the loss in my stools. Anyone know a good way to get lots of potassium i dont wanna ...

 Ok what's this then coz even me doctor is puzzled?
Limbs go heavy and weak, sometimes pins n needles, headaches (although managable). Muscles sore after an episode, since last episode have never got full strength back. Very tired all the time. B...

 Does aids kill you?

 Numbness in the legs??
Im 27, and healthy apart from having two types of stomach diseases which I'm handling. I have been told I have poor circulation and I know that because I get woken up in the night with part of ...

 Pls b quick.?
For insulin independent diabetes; what do the tablets do in the body? what is their function?...

 Does anyone out there believe prayer heals?
My sister had hip replacement surgery Monday. Went home Thurs. Back in the hospital tonight with complications. I'd like everyone to pray for her. Her name is Barbara S. Thanks....

 What could it be?
A couple months ago I gotta a double blister on my toe and I think my toe got infected and my toe started going numb. Everywhere I had a sore, It started getting numb. I even lost feeling in my head. ...

 What is the youngest age that a person can be diagnosed with alzehiemers?
I was wondering if people can get alzehiemers even though they are not elderly/old....

 What was wrong with me?
I found myself shaking, and very hungry today.
I ate some food, but it didn't alleviate it.
Calmed down after an icecream.
I was shaking, couldn't keep still, kept going ...

 Is passing of blood in stool for a 70 year old man suffering from acid reflux Serious ?

 Help! My hair is falling out and I am only 24! Why?
My hair is falling out with every shower I take, gobs at a time! My boyfriend is concerned, should I be? I've tried some vitamins, but they dont help much. Should I change my diet? Try a ...

 My partner has just started to tke Propranolol....?
to try and calm anxiety and sickness. However since he has started taking this symptoms do not seeem to have eased at all. In fact we were up all last night because he felt stomach discomfort (he ...

 Is it normal to have a stroke at this age?
My friend was at his brother's home and he suffered a slight stroke, so he stayed at the hospital for 7 days. He was only 21 years old. About 11 months later, he suffered a massive stroke and ...

 Who would get a liver first a person with hep b or a alcoholic with cirrosis of the liver and continue to drin

 I do not have health insurance. I have thyroid problem.?
I have low income. what do I do ?...

My throats almost swollen shut, help?
I just went to the doctor today and am on anti biotics but my throat is almost swollen shut and I can barely talk or swallow, does anyone know of anyway to get the swelling down, other than gargaling with hot salt water?

go to the emergency room!!
you can never be to careful...

hope you feel better Kappy.

Aww.. Kappy feels Kwappy!!!!!

i have found that drinking tea helps a little, keyword LITTLE. also, if it gets to the point where you are having difficulty breathing, go to the E.R.!!!!!!!!

Um try to not swallow. Then have your mom or someone call the doctor and tell him it got worse. Then have someone ask him if its Strip or is it mono.

gone fishing
What did your doctor say it was or did he just give you antibiotics?
If you look like a chipmunk with a fever, it's mumps.
If you are having trouble breathing as well, it's an allergic (anaphalactic) reaction.
If you look in your mouth at the back to the uvula (the tissue that stretches from one side to the back at the top) and it's red, spotted or with red with white patches, then you have an infection.
If it's the latter, try putting an ice cube in your mouth and letting it melt. saline (salt and water) will draw infection, but not necessarily bring the swelling down much.
Unfortunately, sometimes you just have to ride it out and try to be as comfortable as you can...and let the antibiotics do their work.

chew on ice chips. Heat makes things expand, cold makes them constrict. And it will also make it feel better.

Try gargling with cider vinegar in warm water.
The cider vinegar helps to kill bacteria.Or if you can, gargle with straight vinegar. It has to be cider vinegar,though.

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