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 How can I keep my legs still? I always have the urge to move them when sitting.?

Additional Details
WEll I whether i cross make ankles or not I keep on moving, Driving, sitting standing, and same the toes and feet. Weird isnt it??...

My fingers go completely white and numb when it's cold and are very painful.?
For a number of years my fingers go white and numb when it's cold. Occasionally a toe will also go white. I have booked an appointment with my GP as the condition is getting worse, I went swimming the other day and my fingers started to pain me. I have to run my hands under warm water for the whiteness and pain to go away. Then my fingers go all purple and swell. Any ideas?

poor circulation is a possibility


Its called white finger caused with too much vibrating,wear gloves next time lol

You have Renaud's syndrome. It is caused when the body attempts to conserve blood flow to the essential organs by limiting it to the extremities. In order to minimize it's effects, avoid situations where you will be exposed to cold conditions, and secondly, dress warmly. Conserving heat loss from the head by wearing a hat (even indoors) is probably the most effective preventative measure you can take. Good luck.

matthew g
Sounds like raynauds syndrome, causes the extremities to go white in cold weather! it is also caused by poor circulation, you need to keep your torso wrapped up so that your main organs are kept warm, its out with the long johns I'm afraid

Im no doctor but it sounds like you have poor circulation. i get it but they go purple and i get red dots come up and it can be very painfull.

i got the same thing but i get pink spots as well!

went to my docs and was told it was poor circulation and not much can be done about it! sorry

Raynauds disease.

See : http://www.raynauds.org.uk/potioncms/viewer.asp?a=117&z=25 For more information.

Linda R
You have Raynaud's syndrome. I know, I have had it since childhood. It is sometimes called the red, white and blue disease. Raynaud's is often seen in overlap with autoimmune diseases like lupus. Your GP may have no clue. For decades, no doctor I had could tell me what was going on. It was not until I was diagnosed with lupus 3 years ago that I mentioned this again. The link below to the National Institutes of Health will explain the phenomenon. Print it out and take it with you to your doctor.

"Although estimates vary, most studies show that Raynaud’s phenomenon affects about 3 percent of the general population. For most, the symptoms are mild and not associated with any blood vessel or tissue damage.

Most people with Raynaud’s phenomenon have the primary form, which is not associated with any underlying disease. In fact, in these individuals it is thought to be an exaggeration of normal responses to cold temperature and/or stress."

its raynauds syndrome, my mum gets it. its to do with poor circulation but im not sure how they treat it.

Sounds like raynauds syndrome, causes the extremities to go white in cold weather! it is also caused by poor circulation, you need to keep your torso wrapped up so that your main organs are kept warm, its out with the long johns I'm afraid!

Sounds like poor circulation to me. I'd get it checked by the docs. I went through that and was found to be slightly Anaemic. Try having more iron in your diet (things like liver) it might improve it slightly.

Possibly bad circulation, but usually your feet will react the same way. Definitely one for your health professional. There are plenty of herbal remedies on the market.

It does sound like Raynaud's syndrome, but you should check with a doctor to be certain. Gentle, regular exercise where you use your hands will help. Try yoga (not power yoga, though, unless you are very fit!)

One exercise that helps: Stretch your arms out straight overhead. Spread your fingers wide, then close them into fists. Repeat 10 times, twice a day. (also good for carpal tunnel syndrome.)

Do check with the doctor to make sure you don't have any nerve damage, arthritis or other conditions which could have complications. Good luck to you!

Three reactivation massage products can be applied. One
is to redistribute the salts within you, these are usually a
type of pain prevention in the colchidine relievers. This is to
help reorganize inside those failing systems. This entire
product service should be studied by blood samples at
the clinic, also check for low blood pressure, or high pressure.
The area may be also you need to give up sugars, salts and
fats, very large gorging meals. Excessive fat in the blood is
in the warning signals through purple swelling in some form.

taxed till i die,
Poor circulation

raynauds phenomenon

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