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 Do doctors ever cry when a patient dies?
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a headache, should i take him to the er? what symptoms should i look for? he doesnt have a knot on his head
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Is Herpes like Aids/HIV??|
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 Every time i eat junk food i get realy tired in my eye site is blury?

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i got my blood checked when this was happing too in it was ...

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 What are the signs of anemia?
Any signs at all. I would really like to know.

Why can't doctors just check for everything wrong with us.. we pay them... why do we have to find out ourselves?

So yeah.. ...

 How do I know if it was a migraine?
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 Whats the best way to get rid of the hiccups?

My blood is very dark red why is this like this....?
I have been eatting healthy and lots of liver....

Jim Mullet
Hemoglobin is the principal determinant of the color of blood in vertebrates. Each molecule has four heme groups, and their interaction with various molecules alters the exact color. In vertebrates and other hemoglobin-using creatures, arterial blood and capillary blood are bright red as oxygen impacts a strong red color to the heme group. Deoxygenated blood is a darker shade of red; this is present in veins, and can be seen during blood donation and when venous blood samples are taken. Blood in carbon monoxide poisoning is bright red, because carbon monoxide causes the formation of carboxyhemoglobin. In cyanide poisoning, the body cannot utilize oxygen, so the venous blood remains oxygenated, increasing the redness. While hemoglobin containing blood is never blue, there are several conditions and diseases where the color of the heme groups make the skin appear blue. If the heme is oxidized, methemoglobin, which is more brownish and cannot transport oxygen, is formed. In the rare condition sulfhemoglobinemia, arterial hemoglobin is partially oxygenated, and appears dark-red with a bluish hue (cyanosis), but not quite as blueish as venous blood.

Wow this question generated a LOT of wrong answers. The blood is NOT blue and iron does not affect the color. Arterial blood is darker than venous blood due to the amount of oxygen it is carrying. This is why for lay people the question might be asked of the color of bleeding to determine how deep the wound might be, more superficial for lighter venous blood or darker for deeper arterial blood. Again the color depends on oxygen saturation and has nothing to do with dietary intake.

blood gets darker in color when you are dehydrated. The best way to detect this is look at the color of your urine, if you are fully hydrated it will be clear in color, if it is yellow you need more water if is is dark yellow to orange, you need water bad!!!!

like brown red? sounds like its full of iron

don't worry, it's supposed to be!

No sh*t.
Because you're dark red blooded.

Tired of trolls
I just checked the WebMd web site. I go there quite often and if you are willing to take the time to do a search you can usually find info on your symptoms and recommendations on what to do. I have found it a very useful tool and I would have done a search for you but I'm short on time and it looks like it could be a time consuming search. God bless and good luck.

Hanna K
mine is toooooo. its meant to be like that

more red blood cells

You probably have high iron content in your blood.

Liver has lots of iron. Iron makes your blood dark red. No problem.

Venous blood. It is darker because of less oxygen.

blood is actually blue, until it come in contact with oxygen... it probably is the amount of certain blood cells and type of blood you have that makes it dark red

Liver has a lot of iron, which increased the production of Red Blood cells and their ability to carry oxygen through your body.

I think it goes that blood from the arteries is dark red and blood from veins is bright red. Everybody is made the same.

Ya dig?
You should probably put a band-aid on that.

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