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Is eating toilet paper harmful to humans?
I have an eating disorder called pica which is a craving to eat non-substance items and paper is my craving the only problem is that i cannot find any information on weather this is harmful or not i asked my doctor and he said no but he did not know much on pica

No,not physically anyway.
The mental and spiritual aspects are harmful though.
It simply cannot be that if you eat toilet paper,that you will be strong mentally or in spirit.
It is a self-evident deviancy and no amount of telling yourself that it is OK,will magically make it OK.
It is not OK and you will regret it if you persist.
You will merely set yourself up for something that is harmful.
Will you someday pluck it out of the toilet and give it a try?
You must ask yourself if it is worth the chance that you will become a full fledged deviant.
Do you?
That is where this is headed.

Depends on if its new or used. Don't think I would try to eat used toilet paper.

umm maybe, they might clog you up in side.

hey so does my sisters ki he likes to have toilet paper
dont worry nothing hppns i did myself

You should ask him to refer you to a psychologist who is a specialist for Picca.

Try to get Soy based papers. That way you know that it's not terribly bad for you -- people don't usually eat pine. But people regularly eat Soy.

Also, try to take a very good multi-vitamin. Picca is often caused by nutritional deficiencies. Considering how much crap American's eat, I'm not surprised that it's becoming more common.

Try to get toilet paper that doesn't have lotion, Aloe, dye or other weird additives in it. Also, when you get the cravings, if you can control it, just eat something with roughage in it instead, like lettuce.

well its made of wood and chemicals it can't be good for you

Well it's non-toxic, so I guess it won't do any harm.

no, they did that on coneheads and that worked out just fine

yes it's harmful,I work w/ mentally disabled adults and one has pica,you need to go to a specialty doctor!

Obi-Wan Kenobi
Only if it's already been used.......

go to www.ezboard.com or go www.ask.com and type in pica you can find out information

no in moderation as long as you still have your appendix. that is what helps to digest wood in our diet stay away from perfume and color paper.

omg as we speak I am eating quilted charmin!!!

Your psychological disorder is harmful with injection of poisonous substances and substance that can cause perforations, constipation, blockage, and malnutrition. Toilet paper is treated with chemicals that aren't great for you but the real danger is forming something called a phytobezoar (food ball)which can cause fecal impaction. This would cause you to retain feces to a toxic level where your very breath and sweat would smell feculent for fece like. It is also associated with abdominal pain and ischemia of the intestine which may cause long-term damage. Its like a human hair ball except its toilet paper and it can get stuck any where in your GI tract from you stomach to your rectum. In some cases, while rare, an impacted bowel cause fecal vomitus (vomiting poop). So eat in moderation, drink water with food.
Remember to always eat a balanced diet in conjunction with your pica. If you fill up on paper you may not get the nutrients you need. Seek treatment for pica as it may progress to something worst.
Included to this is a medical and non-medical resource. Hope that this helps.

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