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Is Fibromyalgia curable?
My mom has Fibromyalgia. One time it was so bad that we had to call the ambulance. But before they took her to the hospital, she was seeing things. She said that on her bed it looked like there were worms all over it. And she thought my dad was some kinda monster. She said she couldn't see my face but when I hugged her, she knew it was me. Her vision is sometimes doubled. She also told me that our house didn't look like our house & that it looked totally different. She's always really sore & dizzy.

Sometimes it feels like the doctors don't really understand what she's going through & that they don't care.
She's currently taking Lyrica, I heard that it doesn't work for alot of people but to others it does. But I don't think it's working for her. We see no difference when she wasn't taking it & when she is taking it (now).

Does anyone have or know anyone who has/had fibromyalgia? Are they cured? Is this illness ever going to go away? =/
Additional Details
Yes I know that Hallucination is not a symtom of Fibromyalgia. And I have no idea why it happened. But she has all the other symtoms of Fybromyalgia; such as chest pains, dizzyness, depression, dry skin, headaches, tiredness, etc.
& The her doctors told her she had Fibromyalgia.

She used to throw up almost everyday, before we knew what she had. We only knew that she had a hyper thyroid. She has more symtoms of Fibromyalgia than she does Hyperthyroidism.

So confusing :(

Glutathione is the master anti-oxident. I have a good friend who has fibromyalgia and is currently taking MaxGXL she is having wonderful results. MaxGXL has been clinically proven to raise Glutathione levels. Here are some links to medical website supporting the use of Glutathione.

Give me a call or send my an email if you would like more information on how to get MaxGXL.

Best Wishes,

Rex White

Personally I'd be leaning more that the medication may be causing her symptoms more than the fibromyalgia...did the doctor or pharmacist talk to your mom or family about this? Some of the symptoms you mention are not 'normal' symptoms to fibromyalgia...although I suppose there are exceptions. Hallucinating is not common with fibromyalgia! Is she taking something else besides the Lyrica? I do know if she would like to get off the medication, that it has to be done gradually...so work with her doctor.

Personally I'd rather see her trying some natural options and leave the heavy stuff (various meds) as a last resort. But of course I'm a natural health practitioner so that's my opinion. I do see many get good results with natural therapies - check out someone in your area if you can, even for a consultation. A Dr of Naturopathy is a start. And you and your family can do some of your own research as well. Never give up - there are always options if you believe it to be.

I know where you are coming from as my mum also suffers from fibromyalgia. It is a difficult condition to diagnose and is similar to ME. The causes of fibromyalgia are unknown and it is more a collection of symptoms but just because we don't know how something is caused doesn't mean it isn't real. There are a number of scientists that believed the condition was psycological. Now when you say cure I must say that we have very few cures for diseases drugs are designed to ease symptoms. This is due to the complex nature of drug discovery and disease pathology.

I am not familiar with the drug Lyrica I take it this is a brand name rather than the active ingridient. My mum takes a low dose of amitryptaline which is an antidepressant this helps with the bone pain.

Sorry to not be able to tell you that this is a curable condition. Until the true disease mechanism is understood we are unable to develop drugs to treat it.


I have Fibromyalgia and PTSD. I have tried 6 different medications all of which have made me do crazy things. With one medication I ended up going to the police station twice because I thought someone was following me. I felt like I was loosing my mind.

When you have Fibromyalgia you can be extremely sensitive to medication....which I am even at the lowest of doses. Example a 10mg pill will knock me out until 3 o'clock the next afternoon.

Unfortunately there's no cure for FM. Everyone seems to have their own recipe to make the symptoms more tolerable. Some have changed their diets and do not require any medication, some say med's is the best way. Your mom will have to play around to figure out the best solution for her.

Wish your mom the best for me. You are doing a good thing by trying to find answers for her.

Best of luck.

olympics junkie
Unfortunately Lyrica is about the best there is to offer in treating fibromyalgia at the present time. While it doesn't work for everyone, that is equally true of almost all treatments for any disease. your mom should be under the direct care of a rheumatologist, & possibly would benefit froma referrral to a major medical center such as a university hospital. ..

Check out http://www.fibromyalgiasource.com for lots of information about Fibromyalgia including my experience living with it.

Clark Kent
While it seems like there is only bad news in regards to fibromyalgia, at least patients can be comforted by the fact that the disease does not progress and isn’t fatal. Everyday more research is done to find more effective ways to relieve pain and correct the sleep and chronic fatigue problems associated with this disorder. By working closely with their doctor, fibromyalgia patients can often find a treatment plan that is effective with this disease. With patience and understanding the life of a fibromyalgia patient can be comfortable and normal. In the meantime, hard work is being done to understand it everyday.

Source: http://www.fibrofruit.com/fibromyalgia/1-understandingfibromyalgia.html

be careful about anyone saying they have a cure of high success treatment. It is just a bunch of quackery.

People have have found miracle cures probably never had FMS to begin with.

Some drugs that effect teh central nervous system have had some promise-but are not a cure or even highly reliable treatment

I could see how teh symptoms could become so severe that a person hallucinates-but id it reaches taht point-I woudl be concerneed about the meds causing a side effect or having a co existing condition or being misdiagnosed all togetehr.

to get a list of recommended docs in teh US (screened-good reviews by patients)



I've seen other lists taht keep bad docs on them..

It can get better-many people get at least some relief

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