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 What is your appendix for?

 Failing Liver? How long to live?
My dad's liver is failing. He went to the restroom the other day, and peed blood. He is a chronic smoker and a severe alcoholic. He hasn't been to the doctor in years, and is in very poor ...

 What could this be?
a few years ago i had an argument with a work collegue, a few minutes after it was over my stomach started to really ache. i thought nothing of it. then gradually i started getting pains in my ...

 What to do?please,help me,no one else will?
i am a 16 years old,and i think that i am sick but no one believes me.I have anorexia and bullimia,my face is swollen,my hair is falling out,im getting week and nothing i do ever helps me to eat and ...

 Possible Diagnosis Please...?
-sharp pain over heart
-lasts for 5 to 10 seconds
-getting worse (from once every few days to several times in one day)
-worsens with breathing
-started 2-3 weeks ago

 I suffer from terrible Irritable Bowel Syndrome. My Doctor refused to treat me, he said he was going away?
So they made me see a Locum doctor, a young lady who didnt seem very happy
can they do this?
Its not the first time my doctor has told me to see the L...

 Help me! i think i'm dieing...?
ok so my throat hurts like no other everytime i swallow, and my glands in my neck are swollen like no other, but i don't have strep, i dunno if i have a fever cuz my thermometer is screwed up, ...

 Help-- I just quit drinking alcohol 4 days ago. I feel physically ill. Fatigue, dizzy, body aches, vision....?
I felt better on day 1 and 2. I feel worse with each passing day. I feel like I have the flu. When will I start feeling better? I am eating healthy, drinking plenty of water and juice, and resting. W...

 Please help me !!!?
I have a cold. When i blow my nose blood comes out in the tissue and sometimes when i spit, on my mucus blood comes out. Usually i get a sore throat with my cold. I am really concerned about the ...

 When your sick with something, why does your body feel like it's freezing cold?

 Whats is the most unhygienic thing to do?
pee in the bath (0.001% urine content)
swimming in a public pool (without peeing)

swimming in the sea? (without peeing)...

 I got water in my ear and now i can't hear properly advice please?

 What could this sickness be? The symptoms are below..please help!?
I'm a 16 year old boy and yesterday morning I woke up with a strong headache. I slept with a fan right on my face and only wearing underwear so it might just be a cold. Some of the symptoms are ...

 My cousin reckons that when he passes `stools` they are tarry-black?
He read in a health manual that it could mean that a liver problem was excreting too much bile and causing that dark colour.
Is that correct?...

 MY child is very constipated, what do I do?
Hello, I took my child to the ER for abdominal pains and we found out that he has a moderate amount of stool stuck in him. I have given him the col acol (stool softener) that the doctor recommended. ...

 Why do my parents REFUSE to take me to the docter?
i am sick. i cough all the time. i lost my voice. my throat hurts. but my parents wont take me to the docter.......does this make ANY sense? they say i will get better on my own.

how can ...

 What would an enlarged lymph node along the jaw line be indicative of?

 What do you do when you have a cold sore?
It is extremely depressing to have one, I have to decline invitations to parties and events, and etc....

 What is the last thing we do before we die ?
I've heard that people crap their pants JUST before we die, how far is it true ??...

 My mate snores really bad. Any suggestions?
he won't use throat sprays or strips, and just won't close his mouth. he sounds like a freight train with a steam engine and my nerves can't take it anymore! i run a loud box fan as ...

If you smoke to much marijuana all at once can it fry your brain?
Can marijuana fry your brain if you smoke it all at once like all day?

If you smoke even a little you are killing brain cells. Its highly addictive so if you use it once you will probaly use it agian. I suggest staying away unless you want to mess up your life.

so, marajuana, first of all its illegal, second of all it really damages the cells in your brain, i watched a video. i would reccommend trying to quit. now.

yes, you fry some brain cells every time you smoke, they don't grow back, smoke a bunch, fry a bunch

Just how much pot would you consider to be "too much"?
I consider any amount to be too much. It's stupid, it will
turn you into a bum. Don't do it.

probably but it could cuase you so damage in the body with other effects older

Marijuana doesn't fry your brain! You're thinking of acid!

CJ Bialorucki
maybe i have never takin' one. but still stay away from that stuff.

Yeah it can defo fry your brain, but it is more likely to do it over a prolonged period of time than in one day. You could trigger all sorts of mental problems by smoking mj.

Ye it can but I agree you shouldnt be smoking it at all it can damage you for life and you wll never many friends no offenseor anything but if I were u I would STOP and ty to find help! no joke

yep...so watch out, stoner!

yes it frys ur brain over a period of time....the more u smoke the more brain cells u kill and NO they dont grow back...if u took biology u would know this. and u shouldnt been smoking marijuana anyway

no, but it will make you paranoid.

G dawg
i dont know but i really really dont recomend you trying it in case it does or dont even try to smoke marijuana

You should'nt even be smoking it at all

If you are young, a student, which I think you are, focus on other things in life, as you do not need to smoke. Enjoy your life as it is, not under the influence. Pot is used for a variety of things medically, especially for cancer patients, aids patients, as it helps in reducing their pain, and increases appetite. There are beneficial uses for it, but not for young people, unless you are suffering from a major disease, and I never heard of anybody who smoked a lot, fry their brain, so why try?

I am 48 and I do not condone drugs -- BUT I smoked my fair share and quite a bit way back in the day -- way back -- I'm just fine. Oh and I also grew up with 2nd hand smoke -- my mom smoked and drank with me when she was pregnant -- go figure (you know back when they didn't know everything they supposedly know now) and I'm just fine.

no i do it all the time and i go to a great college and i do very well in school too.

not technically although short term memory impairment and such would obviously occur. probably to a greater degree with the increased amount of marijuana smoked.

I just happen to have an article sitting in front of me on this very topic.
Heavy Marijuana Use Doesn't Damage Brain.
By Sid Kirchheimer
Web MD Medical News
July 2003

"Long term or even daily use doesn't appear to damage brain...researchers found only a very small impairment in memory and learning..."We expected to see some difference, but in fact the differences were very minimal."
10 States OK Use..."

Lori B
no. you will just eat alot and sleep it off. moderation is the key.

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