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 Can you die if its too dificult to take a dump?
when i try to poop my bottom starts to hurt ...

 How to get rid of constipation?

 I have a toenail fungus (onychomycosis) - how can I get rid of it?
I've had this for years on one of my big toes. It seems pretty mild as it doesn't cause any discomfort and hasn't spread, it just makes my toenail look white.
However it started ...

 Do i have a possible thyroid problem?
I've had low blood platelates for a year now and now i have other symtoms that are worrying me , they fatigue, loss of appetite, severe weight loss, depression, severe mood swings ....

 Alcohol makes me deathly ill! Why?
I'm not an alcoholic by any means. I drink maybe once every couple of months- like a beer with friends- or a bloody mary with brunch.

I am approaching my 30th birthday- and in the ...

 My Throat kills after too much cigarrettes?
I usually dont smoke that much, like one every once in a while, but this weekend, friday and saturday i smoked soo much, prtty much 3 cartons? By saturday my throat felt like it was bleeding and my ...

 Kidney Stone, any suggestion to break it or dissolve !!!?
I have small Kidney Stone, 2.3 mm and can not be seen in the ultra sound, so it can not be treated medically at this stage. Please let me know, if you have any suggestion to break it or dissolve by ...

 How do i get rid of my cravings for cigarettes?
I'm 16 and I live in hawaii. I always tell my self that i can stop. but everywhere i go someone is smoking. Most of my friends smoke. and its so hard not to take that drag.. and i dont want to ...

 Kidney stones?
what causes kidney stones?
i have been told that i have kidney stones.. i am on a waiting list for shock therapy.. will this fully cure it?
i sometimes get in that much pain from them ...

 Do you think tourettes syndrome is a joke?
I have tourettes and alot of my friends don't take it seriously. they think i just pretend kinda but every night my whole body is ticing and it looks like I'm having a seizure and i have ...

 How do you know if your child is using meth?
I found what I believe to be a receipe for meth and I would like to find out if it's the real deal before confronting him....

 Do repeat kidney stones become easyer to pass?
I had my first kidney stone about 5 years ago, and when it came I thought I was going to die!!! I now have the feeling somthing is back, but just have minor discomfort. Am I now used to the effects ...

 My 2 years old hasn't stopped couging?
Last night my 2 years old started coughing. He was up all night coughing. It is getting worse and worse. He was up all night because he was coughing so much. Didn't sleep today because of ...

 Anxiety and panic?
how can stop that nausea feeling in my stomach when i get anxiety? is there a way to stop a panic attack ...

 Why do I always tend to be cold?
Could there be an underlying problem?...

 Please help?! whats wrong w/ me? girls only and be serious!!?
I discharge ALL the time. everyday. i dont during the nite but during the day i do. its white and sometimes clear. it doesnt really stink and theres not any green or yellow or anything like that. but ...

 Chest and Throat pain for 6 years- What's going on??
I have had pretty severe throat pain (a burning feeling) and a piercing chest pain behind the left breast for 6 years. Doctors have done ekg's of my heart, which were normal, lung scan, normal, ...

 Does anyone know how nicole richie lost all her weight?

 Is a pulse of 110 remotley bad... deadly, dangerous or fatal?
Or is it normal?

I am a 17 year old boy, I'm a little inactive... sort of out of shape.

I'm not overweight or anything... I'm 5'10 and weigh about 172 pounds....

 What happen if I drop hydrogen peroxide into my ear?
My ear didn't have any dirt whenever I cleaned with Q-tip.As I suspected about it,I went to pharmacy and the pharmacist gave me hydrogen peroxide to come out dirt inside my ears.
How it ...

If i used meth 8 days ago will i pass a urine drug test?

It takes 2 - 3 days unless you injected and that will take longer to clear. So if you used 8 days ago you should be clear. By the way check out "The faces of meth" on youtube.

Sara's Man
the fact that you take meth, let alone ADMIT to it states you are a moron. Tell me if you get the job so i be sure to avoid whatever fast food place it is.

guy p
No. Definitely not.

dont do drugs

Simon says no f4gg0t.

Jack C
yeah probably, but stop takin meth!

Clear H
supposedly clears in 72 hours

thats gross. Dude go to faces of meth on youtube and then see if you wanna do that again and i hope that you dont pass your test. u need to be clean. Thats one of the grossest things ever.

first, if you knew you had a urine test - why in the world would you do meth?
secondly, why are you doing meth, at all?
thirdly, ahh i dont have a thirdly.

yes do not ever do it again stays 3 -4 days

wendy G
your a smart one, eh.

Mr. Bugsme
I hope not. Idiot.

Your typing is entirely too normal for a serious methhead.

Will you pass a urine test? Maybe. Study hard.

Do me a favor and lop off your nuts before you have children. Don't pass your dumba$$ addict genes on to future generations.

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