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 Common cold REMEDIES (not cures)?
I got the first signs of a cold last night, I took a lemsip hot lemon drink, and another one this morning. I got 10 hours sleep last night which is more than recomended and yet I still feel terrible.<...

 I smoke weed 1 x every 2 month...i smoked like 2 wks ago almost. I have a drug test soon..what should i do?

 Is there any medicine for migraine?

 I had Meningitis when I was a baby. Is it possible to get it again?

 Kidney infection and drinking?
I have a kidney infection from an UTI and I am now on medication so it will go away and feel fine..would it be dangerous to drink? Im not sure id the kidney is related to alchohal or not?...

 Sad about snoring?
My boyfriend and I have been together for a month and everything is perfect between us... except for our sleeping arrangement. When we sleep in the same bed he lets me know in the mornings that i was ...

 Gout food to avoid?

 Are there any A.A helplines available?
I've been sober almost a year and I'm really, really close to having a drink..I dont want to but I can feel the way I'm thinking and it's dangerous...anyone know a number I can ...

 Does anyone get those little sore bumps on their tongue, what are they cause from?

 Why do I have blurred vision in one eye?
About two days ago I noticed one of my eyes was a fair bit blurrier than usual, although I can see ok with both eyes. There's nothing in my eye and it looks clear. I can't get an ...

 Well I have been having Diarrhea for about a month now.?
I go pooh every 2 days( I eat lunch and dinner, and snacks between meals), I know this is not good what could be wrong with me?
Thanks very much....

 Lower right side abdominal pain in 10 year old?
just a little bit o reasurance, my son has had pain starting at his belly button which has slowly moved to his lower right, he has had a temp of 38 + feels sick but hasnt been yet, dizzy and has a ...

 Feeling sick and dizzy?
what could it be?...

 How do you remove a Deer Tick?

 Numb leg, thats sometimes painfull please help !?!?!?!?!?!?
hi i would be greatfull if anyone can help me..
my right leg is numb at the top on my thigh it goes right round the whole of the thigh, its numb all day then at night it starts to tingle and ...

 Why will this not go away?
I had had issues with my stomach for years now. It happens when it wants but it is so painful. When i eat or not eat. I get these sudden bowel movements, and they are painful. I have had a ...

 Any suggestions how to help with Tinnitus.?

 If a person has worms coming out of his or her anus, what is that person(s) problem?

 My child has had fever for the last 3 days and this morning i noticed little red dots all over him. Any answer
Looks like a diaper rash, not itchy and not on his face. Does any one know what this could be. I'm worried it might be something worrisome.
Additional Details
I have took him to his ...

 How do you beat insomnia without medication?

robert d
If a girl has herpes.. can you get it if you go down on her??
if you eat her out, can you get herpes around your mouth?

yumeka w
hell yell

unfortunately YES!

Deepika P
PU! yes



Deal with it!

yes, you can get herpes around the mouth



Yes, if u have an open sore in your mouth

Dave S
Have you heard of cold sores? Yeah, they're the same thing. Even if she doesn't have any open sores, you can still get it, just like someone with cold sores can give them to someone else even though they don't have any active sores.

Edna BambSHUT UP
yes, you can get herpes of the eye too.

rude and crude
eeeeeeeeewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww... gross!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!...

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