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 Help with constipation?
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I think i am constipated, but am too embarrasse to go to the doctor?

Go to your local pharmacy and talk to the pharmacist .. they will recommend a few things to you ... BUT the best I have tried is Metamucil: Every day drink 2 glasses of Metamucil it will defiantly regulate you and it is a fiber rather then a laxative ...

Good Luck

Go to a GI Dr. Make sure you are drinking plenty of water, eating fruits and veggies, and exercising. Eating fiber is important but you must be drinking plenty of water. If you are eating a lot of fiber and NOT drinking water it will consipate you. Lots of protein and cheese will constipate you.

Grainov Truth
Natural way to fix that.....eat alot of cherries(or plums). Fixes all constipation with a "blast of the past."
Stay away from fatty greasy foods. Eat more veges and drink more fluids after the "expulsion" and be physically active will keep you normal.

Try FiberOne bars.

Angels clinch the west 08'
At your local store (drug store/Target ect..) buy Fleets Phososoda it is a little 1 &1/2 oz or 3 oz bottle (about $3). Drink 1 &1/2 oz YOU will have a BM within 6 hours. (if you havent by 12 hours drink another 1 &1/2 oz). I am constipated regularly (like I can go weeks w/out going) and just last week my GI dr recommend Fleets and it worked with only 1 &1/2 oz.. Then he said to start using Miralax on a daily basis after you are cleaned out from the Fleets.
If you have been constipated for more than 2 weeks, go to a GI dr. Dont be embarresed that is the business they are in!! You could have soemthing blocking in your intestines or hard stool compacted inside that will require a more aggressive therapy (meds). make sure you drinks tons of H2o. I drink abut 60 oz a day and my dr said it is not enough for someone who is constipated.

If this is a new thing, try Ex-Lax. If you have had it for a while, see your doctor.

try fish oil soft gel tablets at nite. It will help with fatty tissures that hang out in the colon too.

Step 1) Drink lots and lots of water
Step 2) Eat some realy SPICY Chicken wings...
Step 3) Stock the bathroom with magazines, matchess, TP
Step 4) Clear your schedule for about an hour
Step 5 )BOOM!!!!!

U shouldnt be embarrasse to go to doctor
The doctor is not embarrasse to treat such case & he will not examine u clinically , but takes ur history & diatry habbits
The main cause of constipation is inhibiton of defecation reflex
Other causes include the following
Lack of water , vegetables & exersice
Also being under stress for a long time decreases GIT motility causing constipation

senna is a good Natural Laxative
I tried it & give good results

My advice is to see a doctor & dont be embarrasse

drink tons of water, eat some fruit, have a McD's fries & cheese burger... if that doesn't help, go to the pharmacy and get some Glycerin suppositories or an enema with Glycerin in it. It will soften you right up--but I don't recommend leaving the house while under its influence. Stay close to the bathroom, you're likely to need it. Good luck!

research it here this is the site my brother used when going through med school


drink prune juice,apple juice or use an over the counter medication, like Ex-Lax or another laxative,you need to drink alot of fluids........good luck

Look at your diet and make some changes. It could be you are getting too much of a certian food or vitamin. You can take a over the counter laxative or enema and try and clear the passge way. See if that helps before you take a trip to the Dr. Dont be embarrased we all get constipated.

Try ex-lax, if that doesn't work then just ask your doc. Don't be embarrassed, they have seen and heard everything you can imagine.

You can do a couple of things, neither of which are very pleasant. You can take a laxative like an Ex-Lax or take a colon cleanser if you are into natural medicine. Another option, try using an enema. It is the fastest way to relief. In the future, drink more water and eat your veggies.

There are over the counter medications that you can take, your pharmacist would know of good stuff... I know some people try Metamucil... it's a powder (like tang) that you add to water... it should help you go... Other wise, eat lots of fruit, and drink water... don't eat anything else that's too heavy (like pasta, or potatoes/steak)...

Good Luck!

Go Bears!
Go to your local drug store, Walgreens or CVS or something and pick up a laxative. That should help ya.

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