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I have ms they say loads of people have it.but i dont know anyone.do you.?

Montel Williams has MS

Mike T
Yes, my friend's mum. So that's at least one other person!

I have been diagnosed with MS but I don't believe it is correct, also I know a few people with MS but only came to know them through joining MS groups and friends introducing me to people with MS. It seems to be equally split amongst males and females although I am female and in my 20s the average diagnostics are male/40s! Feel free to email me for a chat.

yep, my mum has it. it's true that a lot of people have it. hope you're dealing with it ok and you have support. there are ms groups. ask your doctor about them and you'll meet more people who are in the same situation. good luck.xx

My sons girlfriend has it. Initially she was quite poorly but has had treatment and is now much better. there are a lot of support groups out there - have a look on the internet.
I wish you well.

For quite a long time the doc thought I had ms but a brain scan ruled it out. I joined the MS Societies web site and found it a great help, you can post questions and get loads of advice and meet others who are going through the same as you. Unfortunately the addy is on my old computer but if you do a search on Multiple Sclerosis you will find it I'm sure. (I think it was MSSociety.co.uk but can't be sure).
Good luck

Yes, I know people with MS. Depending on where you live and the population determines how many are near you. If you are looking for others with MS the health agency or MS association can help with support groups. Many people do not have symptoms that would suggest their condition so you can't tell by looking.

Helen M
My Aunt has recently been diagnosed with it. They thought she had had a stroke because she went numb down one side. Shes getting better slowly but she dosen't know if she will have another episode or not.

Well, I wouldn't say loads of people have it and MS is more common in countries further from the equator, so if you live near the equator, you might be one of the few who has it.

Anyway, I have it. An aunt of one of my former class mates has it, my friend's neighbour has it, another friend's sister has it, a third friend's brother has it, a friend of my husband's stepgrandmother has it. The thing is that many MS patients look fine and healthy, and you can't often tell if a person has MS just by looking at him/her.

What I've found is that once I tell people I have MS, it turns out that they usually know someone else who has it, it's just not something that ever came up in a conversation.

Beth F
I know a few people with MS. I have been diagnosed with it in the past and I know at least two others. Annette Funicello has it as does talk show host Montel Williams.
Multiple Sclerosis (MS) is believed to be an autoimmune disease that affects the myelin sheath around the nerves of the Central Nervous System. You develop lesions that cause your nervous system to act "out of character". Some of the more common early symptoms are muscle spasms, changes in eyesight and balance problems. The symptoms come and go in most cases.
Most of the people I've known, or read about, lead pretty normal lives for many years. MS is an invisible illness, much like Lupus or my own CREST Syndrome. Unless you are using a cane, wheelchair or other assistive device, no one knows you have it. Unless you tell them, they aren't going to. So, you may know someone with it but you two haven't, as yet, compared notes.

I have MS too and yes I know loads of people with it! As does my mother.

There are 4 members of her church.
My next door neighbour had it ( I only moved 3/4 mile) another neighbour about 6 doors away had it.
A neighbour 50 yds away has it
A lady who worked in the local shop has it
My friend accross the road's brother has it.
My dog's breeder's brother has it.
My neighbour accross the road's daughter in law has it.
My uncle's partners ,daughter has it (almost a cousin I guess!)

It's a lot more common than people realise! If you want to gain more info or ask about treatments and chat with people who know what you are talking about - mssociety.org.uk, is a very friendly site and people will happily answer any questions or tell you about treatments etc from their own experience. It's hard sometimes for people to understand how you can be affected day to day. Some people prefer not to tell people, especially if they are still working for fear of jeapordising their jobs or promotion etc. There's a good chance you do actually know someone with MS - I don't seem to be able to get away from them! Lol! and they are all people I just know, not people I've met at hospital or groups! I live in a semi rural area too - so you'd think you'd come across less rather than more! Hope you're coping well anyway - have a look at the ms society site and say hello to s all!

Strangefone: you seem to be misinformed, MS is commonly diagnosed between the ages of 20 - 40, although can be younger or older. Women dx outnumber men 3:1.Primary progressive MS is more common in men in their 40's but more people have relapsing remitting or secondary progressive MS.I think primary progressive is about 10% of those diagmosed

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