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 I need to now what is wrong witha person that has symptoms of aching heart and burning throat?
i know someone that keeps telling me they having pain in their chest i guess their heart area...and their throat is constantly burning...they are always tired as well....can someone tell me what is ...

 Under-active thyroid?
Has anybody got thyroid problems? Why does it make you feel so rough? And why would the doctors be having problems getting my levels back to normal???
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Im now already ...

 Lower Stomach Pain...HELP!!!!!!!?
since november i been having on and off pains on my lower right side a little under the belly button to the right. i got an ultrasound in december, blood work in february, been to the doctor a few ...

 Gross question alert how do you treat rectal problems?
This is a warning,if you are sensitive to very graphic content questions relating to body parts,body fluids and etc.Please do not read the rest of this question...


 Kind of nasty, but....?
there was some mucus-looking stuff that was a little bit bloody around my poop which was a little green and watery. what could be the cause of this?
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I do have IBS and ...

 IBS Medication?
Having being confirmed with IBS recently after suffering for 3 years I was prescribed Colofac. I have also been taking any anti diarreahh tablets to the maximum on a daily basis as well as Buscapan ...

 Are unsanitary and unhealthy illegal Mexican farm workers responsible for the outbreak of E-coli?
They work on the farms that grow spinach, do not take care of themselves and pass the unhealthy problems to those who eat the vegetable....

 Abdomen feeling on the right lower side...?

Ive been getting this strage feeing for ages now just dont think nothing of it as its not painful or anything, but I just want to know what it is lol. I only notice it when I go to ...

 I have spinach ravioli's in the freeze for 3 weeks, should I eat them?
I have 5 boxes should I throw them out or eat them? because of the E Coli scare....

 I have blood in feaces. why???
this blood is part of the feaces and do not dissolved or separated from the feaces....

 Does anti- Blood presure medication make you feel calmer?
If your bllod pressure is decreased after taking medication (ACE inhibiter), surely you would feel calmer???...

 What sickness do I have?
Please help me. I have been to so many doctors. Any suggestion I will look into.

I don't like to eat because it makes my stomach hurt. I mean it is bearable but I would rather not go ...

 Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.....Does anyone suffer or know someone who suffers from a disorder like this...?
I don't know if I have it or if it's depression. I know that depression can make you very weak and tired. I am taking an antidepressant....I don't know what is wrong with me, if it�...

 What is a sharp pain in left side in ribs?
my friend said she gets 2 pains. on in her ribs, and it hurts mostly on the left side and it feels like after you get punched in the stomach and it aches but the other pain is closer to her stomach ...

 How can I stop an alcoholic to stop drinking?\?
My has been an alcoholic all of his life...but now its causing a lot serious problem in the family....

 Could i be depressed?
a lot of people tell me im kinda negative or i worry wayyyy to much about little things. I tend to get worked up alot and have very low self esteem and condfidence and find my self crying sometimes ...

 How to be annorexic???

 How long before a dead body goes cold?

 Ok im freaking out what am i suppost to do?
ok so im home babysitting 3 of my little brothers and not to long ago the oldest came over to me and said he felt something hurting his back. he took off his shirt and there was a tick in his back. ...

I have cold chills, and i freeze even when its 70 or 80 degrees out, im tired all the time, cranky, annoyed.?
What could be wrong with me?

drugs--when u are coming off them!!

Sounds like the classic hypothyroidism to me. Before you let a medical doctor put you on synthetic Thyroid hormone, try adding Kelp and the amino acid L-Tyrosine to your diet and see what happens.

Dr. B.H.

This is a serious sypmtom common with intial infection HIV.

I agree w/anemia, but go to dr. to be sure and he'll advise iron in med's and food choices.Only dr can tell you safely.

i would have your doctor check you out, sounds auto-immune system problems, but who knows, only doctor can tell you that with blood work.

Have your doctor test your Thyroid levels

You could possibly be anemic. Go to your dr and be tested. It's an iron deficiency. You can take iron pills for it. But see your dr to be sure.

I have Rauynald's disease,I am freezing no matter how warm it is,your hands,feet,nose,and butt are always cold,ask the doctor if he thinks this could be it!good luck!

did you moved your body much lately if not do some exercise, and move.

low iron

I've had those times, and would highly suggest getting exercise and eating healthy if you don't already. Take vitamins and go for longs walks, expecially on sunny days. Could be depression, or poor health in general.


Living the Alaskan life
I agree with Stinger. I was anemic for a long time and I was the same way. Always cold, tired, irritable...See your dr. Or you can get it done(blood test) cheap at a wellness clinic or planned parenthood. Someplace like that.

See you doctor. Only a doctor who has examined you, taken a history of symptoms and ran lab tests can tell you. Those who haven't seen you are not qualified to do a diagnosis or treat you.

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