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I have been having nose bleeds and coughing up blood what does this mean?
i keep meaning to go to the doctors but i am worried about what she will say, and it might just be nothing at all. is it normal?

im a mummy 2
could just be you are coughing up any blood you have swallowed! dont stress perfectly normal,
sometimes my daughter is sick with blood after a nightime nose bleed! prob a vien is a bit weak up your nose! just see if it coincides with nosebleeds!

As the people have already said - go to the doc asap.

Let the doc advise if it is nothing or not.

It's the best way to get treatment for a problem which often when treated quickly can prevent further complications.

It is not normal to cough up blood. Best to see doc soonest.

go the doc asap

coughing blood is NOT normal. go to the doctor

Go to the doctor's.

Alfred E. Newman
coughing up blood is serious and should be treated straight away,it could be a stomach ulcer or worse,if left untreated it can eat into your stomach lining and make you very ill.

taz c
I'd go to the doctor's first thing tomorrow. It's not normal - if you call a nose bleed & coughing up blood "normal", then stay home, but I'd be down the doctors like a shot. I wouldn't even wait til tomorrow - I'd go to A&E - tonight!!!

bernie c
I know exactly what that means it means go to your doctor ASAP it is not normal good luck

If you've got time to faff about on here then there's not a lot wrong with you.Stop picking your nose and swallowing razor blades for starters.

Well, if this is happening because of drug usage, quit that $hit! If you can't quit, go to a hospital. In fact, regardless of the reason, just get to the hospital ASAP as this is NOT normal!
Good Luck!

russell B
Nose bleeds are the body's way of dealing with high blood pressure at times. There are loads of blood vessels in the nose, near the internal surface. It's definitely not a sign you have high blood pressure, as that should be checked out properly out by a Dr with a sphigmomanometer. That's a blood pressure machine.

The coughing up blood is a more sinister sign and is not normal. It could be a sign of infection or tumour. Now do you see why it's so important to get it checked out.

Oh no!
Always look on the bright side of life

de do....de do de do de do.

go to the doctors. or call nhs direct 0845 46 47 (24hrs) they're helpful and there's no pressure. let us know what is wrong with you

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