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am 14 and am always sad and am losseing wight fast

am never like this i just start feeling like this 2 mounths ago i thinked about death and stuff..noo i didnt tell my parents

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 Alcoholics Anonymous?
Does it help?
Does it make crave alcohol?
Is it a waste of time?

Recent studies about the effectiveness of treatment have confused me. I have come to the conclusion that I am ...

I am using someone elses urine to take a drug test what temp does it need to be at in case they check that?
It's for a job, I know they test and I have my second interview on monday.
Additional Details
well now if i use my own then i wont pass will i?

AAAhhhhh - don't listen to the judgmental peeps - - though, you are really taking a chance using someone else's urine. Make sure they are the same gender as you - and about the same age.
Remember - if they check for something other then drugs - your friend may have some sort of virus and maybe even (hopefully not) a disease.
Good luck - hope you get the job!

Go to the website below. They make all kind of goody's that you can use to cover up your drug use. They mention it covers up Nicotine use, but it covers up most everything. They just can't legaly tell you that.You druggie!

Ryan W
the temperature of your urine should be between 20 degrees celsius and 26 degrees celsious.

heh just make sure that person is healthy and doesn't eat poppy seeds so you don't have a Seinfield issue.

The Old Man
what happens when something shows up on taht & it would be worse than your own. stiil out of luck!

98.6 degrees.

Don't mention it.
Body temperature. About 98.6.


use your own urine! it's that simple! yer dumb, drugs are for dumdums. drugs are bad, m'kay?

uhm....why not use your own? If you do drugs, you don't deserve the job if they need to check and see...

Well you really are stupid then aren't you

Your urine will need to be at 98.6 degrees, because that is the average body temperature of the body. lol. I understand what you are going through, but people who are being negative towards you on here don't understand why you do what you do on your recreational time. I say whatever you do is fine if it doesnt interfer with your job performance. Just make sure the urine your getting is clean and at 98.6 degrees

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