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I am engaged to an alcoholic. We are both almost 30 and have been together for 4 years.?
I have 2 children of my own. Living with him is really horrible when he is drinking. I work nights alot and he stays at home with the kids. He is a senior in college and is having a hard time with that too. Am I wrong to want him to stop drinking if we smoke pot? We really love each other but he drives me crazy with the dinking because he won't do ANYTHING! He never picks up the house at all, ever. So annoying! What should I do???

Take it one day at a time. I also am engaged to an alcoholic. We're 30 and 31 years old. There are no kids in the equation, but it's hard anyway. I smoke pot. He works seasonally and can only smoke in his off season. He says he can quit drinking once he can start smoking. Like if he can calm himself smoking, he'll no longer need to drink. We'll see... but I do think your man should be able to kick one or the other- since pot isn't addictive, kick the drink. Easier said than done- you can't make him do anything- I've recently joined al-anon and am finding it very beneficial.

I read through some of the other answers, and I'm sorry, but most of the answers you're getting are obviously from people that have never been there. Screaming and yelling and forcing him to change won't work. You have to change your own behavior and hope he sees your effort and makes the change for himself. Seriously- try al-anon. If you don't want to go to meetings, get some books about how to help an alcoholic. Your relationship is not as doomed as others have made it seem. Hang in there, be patient, and don't stop loving him.

Look, it is not going to get better as long as there are no demands. You guys are starting off with enough difficulty and from the sound of it, both have somewhat of an addictive personality...yes pot is addictive. I would recommend intervention into his drinking now or it will continue.
If you cannot intervene, the price will be high to stay with him, and your children will have a lot of impossible questions when they are older.
Think of your kids first, then yourself.

Youve been together for 4 years... If you dont do anything about how you feel youll be together for ten years and then youll be breaking up and have the feeling that you were robbed ten years of your life.... ITs not fair for you to put up with a lot of b u l l s h i t. It happened to my sister. She was smoking pot too. One day she decided to stop smoking pot and after about a week she realized that it was the pot that was keeping her neutralized and not allowing her to take control over her life. Once she made that realization she left the guy. It wasn't easy at all, they have two kids together. But she left him and now her life is much better. He never hit her with a fist but her life was full of abuse. Psycologic abuse. It sounds like your guy is young and might have a chance to change. Im young too and i know that its very hard to make somebody change. Alcohol is the worst possible drug in the world.
Have you tried getting really angry at him and yelling at him to pick up his crap. My girlfriend usually kicks my a s s to help me get my s h i t together. I actually love her for it.

I know i dont know you, but how the question sounds to me, I think you need to get rid of the fear. stop smking pot a little bit so you can clear your mind. you dont have to stop for ever, just a little while... Once your mind is clear, if what you see still looks like a b u ll sh it. YOu should leave the kid. There are many fish in the sea, and you are a MOM, you need more help you deserve some person that is worth while not an aclhoholic looser.

I would give this some careful consideration, things do not change, this man should not be home alone with your children, this scenario will only get worse down the line, If you love each other, get the much needed help for your fiance, you and the children.

i went through the same thing...sorry to say this but youre going to have to be the strong one if he wont....its usually a bad idea to pose and ultimatum but make him choose....alcohol or you....if he chooses you and admits he has a problem then help him to seek the proper counseling he needs....a.a. is in every phone book and is free...if he wont go then YOU go....my town actually has a detox center that is funded by the state....i called and got the info but he had to be the one to want to go and he did....now we are leading a more productive and happy life - alcohol free...next you need to face the drug issue....that's got to go...if you want him to let go of something that has such a strong hold on him then you had better be willing also...and if this is something that you both decide to do then you had better be prepared to be strong - stronger than you ever thought you could be.....alcoholism is a disease and an addiction...its not mental...it is physical and the detox process is dangerous and can be fatal...thats is why i suggested a detox center...they will safely ween him off....good luck to you and be sure to search your soul on this because its not just something that you do for a week....its for the rest of your life but think of how great that life can be

Badger Fan
Other than pointing out that this is another reason why dating doesn't work and engagement is meaningless, I say get out now! Unless he gets a hold of God and let God change him, he won't change because, just like we guys won't ever be able to figure out women, you ladies need to stop and think you'll ever be able to change a man. Just forget it! Think about your future and that of your kids! Get out now! It's a painful decision but it'd be better for everyone. God has the right husband for you and the right father for your kids. Don't just go for any warm body for there are millions of warm bodies around. Run!

What is wrong with you? You are with an alcoholic and you smoke pot, too? What kind of example is this for your children? Child Protective Services could take them away from you because of the bad environment they are in.
You are enabling him to be an alcoholic by allowing him to live with you and do nothing.
You are headed for serious trouble unless you wake up, throw him out and clean up your act.

You need to decide if you want to live this way for the rest of your life. If you don't then you need to make some changes. You need to insist that he do something about his addictions. If he refuses to change then call it quits or prepare yourself for a life of hell. Your children will suffer too.

Jim K
There is an old truism that says that woman marry hoping that their husbands will change, but they don't. Men marry hoping that their wives won't change, but they do. It's difficult for me to me optimistic or enthusiastic about your relationship. Good luck, whatever you decide.

you should get a man in your life.....not a boy.....and you let him stay home with your kids??? drinking and pot is fine if its just you, but you have kids....are you crazy....BAD PARENTING is obvious.....a 30 year old college senior?? no job??? good catch there honey! say hi to the welfare counselor that is in your future

I feel sorry for your kids. What kind of example are you setting? What kind of atmosphere are you putting them in? You both need to grow up and get your acts together. Get counseling, go to AA. And for your kids' sakes, don't get married until you get your issues straightened out.

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