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 What's wrong with my child?
My daughter is 12 years old. On satuday night she started coughing and sneezing. This carried on throughout sunday but with a headache too. She was like this Monday and Tuesday. She was sneezing ...

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 Can you help me i am 14 years old i am a bedwetter day and night and mum is telling me off so much i need help
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 Stroke patient.?
only serious answers PLEASE. My dear friend 68 yrs old suffered a hemmoridge to the left side of her brain 2 weeks ago,she is paralyised on the right side(no movement/no response) She semi smiles and ...

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i need a fast answer please help me and my dad :(...

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Ive taken perscription shots/pills but nothing gets rid of this flem!...

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 What is the difference between a stroke and a heart attack?
I never really thought about it before and I was wondering if they were related to each other in any way.
What are the differences?

Thanks all....

 How do u make ur hand warmer?
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 My friend has AIDS and I sipped from his straw. He has been coughing up stuff but I took a sip from his drink.
it is just mucus he has been coughing up. Do I have it now? My husband is freaking. I don't know if the mucus had blood but he took a sip then I took a sip. Really it is all just saliva. What do ...

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 I am having chest pains that come and go and are sometimes very uncomfortable, should I go see a doctor?

 Pill description?
found pill w/ pliva 430 small round white pill. i dont know what it is?
Additional Details
was just asking because my 83 year old grandfather has moved in w/me and i dont know what it is,...

 How to get rid of a cold fast?
It is the cold that you have the constantly runny nose and congested chest and sore throught and when you cough it hurts your chest. How can you get rid of all this FAST!!!?...

 What do you call people who steal even though they have the money to pay the thing they stole?

 I'm anemic?
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 This is such a sad loss and could of been prevented?

What do you think iy sounds suspicious to me

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Ledger, 28, renowned for ...

I'm drinking a lot of fluids, but I still feel very thirsty?
What's wrong with me???

Did you recently have Chinese food or Tuna?
Some foods can make you thirsty.
It's very normal.

Dana W
I would go see your doctor because it could be hyperglycemia

dehydration is a possible sign of many things. Diabetes is one of them. See a doctor.

jung p
It happens sometimes, it's all just going right through you if ya know what I mean >_>. But if it persists for more than a day, go see a doctor. It might be serious.

Leonore H.
probably just dehydrated. Happens to me too...Nothing to worry.

That's a sign of high blood sugar if you're diabetic. That happened to me when I was 7 years old, next thing I knew, I had juvenille diabetes. Go get checked out.

It's either dehydration or diabetes-related. If this is accompanied by itchy inner-thighs then it really may be.

The First Dragon
It could be a symptom of diabetes.

How much is "a lot", and how much activity is in your day?

If youre drinking alot, and have a lower level of activity, It might be a warning sign for diabetes - at least that's what Ive always heard. Might need more facts.

A reason that immediately comes to mine is diabetes. If it's not a big thing in your family though then it could just be you are dehydrated a little. Usually when your thirsty, I read somewhere, you are already dehydrated. And make sure you're not drinking soda to relieve your thirst because it contains salt which makes you want to drink more and more soda.

GO TO A DOCTOR! Sorry I wrote in all caps, but you need to go. It may not be that big of a deal at all. But (and I am no doctor) it sounds like diabetes.

Medicine Woman
Diabetes will make you thirsty but so will eating too much salt. If it is only thirst as a symptom I wouldn't be too worried about diabetes but you should be checked by a doctor just to be sure. Too much salt (a lot of salt is hidden in foods like turkey and chips and sauces) will cause thirst when you think you have not eaten a lot of salt. Check the foods you eat.

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