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How to prevent vomiting after drinking a lot alcohol?
Please don't say don't drink in the first place. People say drink a lot of water will make you less dehydrated, but the more water I drink the more I feel the need to vomit. And it wasn't nice at all to vomit... Then again if I don't drink enough water, I know the next day I will feel sh** like hell. Any advice will be appreciated!

Glenn B
Lenz's law is very versatile( For every action there is an equal and opposite) I've just discovered a new application. For every Great achievement of mankind there is something to balance it out.
Hey put more ice in your drink

you just need to know your limits. the other night i KNEW i went over my limit but i kept on drinking and puked all over my room the next day. not fun at all. (it came out my nose ick). i usually count how many beers/shots i have and try to pace myself. and also try to stay away from the drinking games because you drink a lot more than you realize. and before i go to bed i usually have a few sips of water and i'm fine the next morning.

Dr Dee
DOn't drink.

Alice in Wonderbra
First of all, keep in mind that vomit is a way your organism follows in order to feel and be well. You should never prevent vomiting! It is very very unhealthy. Too much liquid in your stomach (whether alcohol or water), is not good for your heart. So your organism wants to get rid of this liquid surplus to help your systems work efficiently. Vomit is not "nice" as you say, but it is inevitable in your case. If your drink that much, you must vomit for your health. Take care....

after drinking alot, you're really out of luck, just to try to find something that will ease the quessiness as much as possible, personally greasy spicy foods are the best hangover foods.

but to avoid it altogether, while still tying one on, keep food in your stomach and have your stomach full before drinking.
in high school we used to eat a bunch of bread and rolls before going out on a good bender, supposedly to absorb up all the poison

dont know if thats scientifically sound, but it worked for us

Eat a light meal about an hour before drinking... Be sure to drink plenty of water to prevent dehydration, but not in excess...

You can also try to avoid mixing too many drinks.. Keep the drinks light in order to avoid bloating...

Quick shots of liquor spanned over a couple hours should work best.... Good luck!

eat an hour or so befroe you drink.

Dragon Rage
Well drink in limits, no matter how long you have been drinking, excessive intake will result in vomiting. So my advise is Calculate how much you can drink before you start feeling giddy. Alcohol is for fun, its no use if you drink and spill out everything. Its better to say, I have had my limit guys than to vomit right in front of everyone.

ive always be alright till ive gone to sleep,so eliminate sleep and keep drinking

Decide on something that you want to drink for the entire night and stick to it. Don't mix liquor and beer, or different kinds of liquors -- I know thats how they make mixed drinks but it will make you sick quicker than anything.

Pace yourself. The faster you put alcohol into your body, the less time your body has to deal with it ... and if it can't deal with it, its gonna get rid of it.

Know your limit. Get a good buzz going on but don't get trashed. The most important thing is to realize you are drunk enough to stop drinking!

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