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 Why do i constantly faint or feel like im bout to faint?
For about a year now. Ive been constantly feeling like im about to faint. I have actually fainted over 6 or 7 times this year. I dont know whats wrong with me....

 I need a good reason/excuse?
I am going in for hemorrhoid surgery & will have to take time off work. What do I say when people ask me why I'm taking time off? I certainly dont want to tell them hemorrhoid surgery, but I ...

 Teenage Bed Wetting?
I have a 17 year old friend who still wets her bed around 3 to 4 times a week. Is she ok? Can she be cured?...

 SICKO! I am sick all the time.?
I throw up alot (monthly, not kidding) and its during the night..I wake up then my throat is dry my stomach is cramping, and I cant feel my head. after I puke its like I'm weak. What do you ...

 Can a girl answer this please?
I am 12 years old and I started my first peiod 2 months ago and it only lasted 2 days and I have not started back sinse,what do you think it is?...

 What are the symptoms for anaemia?

 What does your white blood cell count is a little high mean?

 What is the best treatment for hemarroids ?
I have been using anusol for about a week and it does not seem to be helping much. Can anyone suggest anything better that can be bought without a prescription. I don't really want to go to the ...

 Dealing With An Alcoholic?
My BF is an alcoholic. He admits to it. The good part (if you can call it that) he always drinks at home, NEVER drives, holds a good job, is an excellent employee and is the sweetest man ever when he&...

 What could the problem be ? my 17 year old daughter only has a bowel movement about once a month.?
I am just wondering what could cause this? She said usualy it is when she is on her period....

 I've got severe facial deformity disfiguration malformation....why do i have to put up with people calling
me ugly with it too and why wont anyone be honest with me and truthfull instead of lying to me the truth never hurt no one ...

 One of my friends said i had a disorder with popping my fingers?
i just wanted to knwo what it is called cuz i pop my fingers all the time....

 These are my symptoms what do I have?
For the last couple months I have been feeling weird. A couple of months ago I had a really sore throat for a few days and have not felt the same since.

I get really weak, just kind of ...

 How do you get rid of hiccups?

 10 years of constipation!?
I'm 46 years old and I havn't been for a poo since I was 36!? I havn't told anyone that it's been 10 years! What do I do, i've tried all there is to help the problem, but ...

 Am i sick? =[?
my left ears hurts like hell and the right side on my neck inside hurts like hell

what's wrong with me? D=
Additional Details
Sweetie P you are probbly right but i don�...

 I feel I can't take much more.things are so bad?
I just feel like I can't take anymore, my life is a total mess and I don't think its worth living,I went to university and was called a promising artist, but now years later I am coping ...

 Am i having a brain tumour?
Im having frequent headaches, dizzyness, nausea, muscle aches and what makes it worst is that i feel endless intense pressure in my head all the time. Now if i start moving n sit down suddenly, it ...

do i have an eating disorder? sometimes i wake up and I feel like I'm tooo fat so i won't eat for the day or for a few hours i ignore all noises and cravings I might have, because I feel ...

 Does cold weather cause illness?
I live in France, where the slightest cool breeze has everyone terrified of 'Gastroenteritis'! Surely viruses and infections are caused by bacteria etc transmitted, and not by cold weather?...

How to get sick overnight?
i need 2 know how to get sick overnight! no questions y... plezze answer!!!!

I don't think this is a good idea because it sounds as though you are avoiding something; however, you could overeat and have a stomachache in the morning. It would be better to face what you are afraid of.

I seem to get sick over night without doin anything : Try sleeping with the fan on , or somewhere really cold and don't be too covered up.

drink black coffee with a lot of salt in it...... will make you throw up

Chuck P
Face your fears, don't be a coward.

can i ask anyway?

epicic. you can get it at the pharmacy. Just go to youtube and type in epicac. take it just a few minutes before you need to be sick.

sleep right by the air conditioning fater taking a shower, and your hair is still wet. or take ashower and go outside if you live in a cold area. its prolly cuz u wanna miss school!
The best way to miss school is to get suspended! just beat the crap out of some kid, you'll be gone for a week or 2.

Ahhh exam time!!! Next time just study so you won't have to resort to harming yourself.

haha...*singing*...you have to go to schooooool!..x100

I remember those days.....

2 years ago...

♥Dnt Hate→ Cuz U Aint♥
u r sick

have windows open all night, stay cold all night.take a bunch of Niacin, that'll make you flush, like fever. and maybe laxatives for some explosive you know what. or do a whole lot of drugs and you'll smoke yourself sick. otherwise get drunk and be hungover?

♥ Boo ♥
if its cold where u live...take a shower and go outside for like a half hour...

dont know why you would wanna get sick...i have a cold right now and wish it would go away. =P
Best of luck on getting sick...lol

sleep with someone with an STD!

lick a toilet

Drink Magnesium Citrate usually 99 cents at any walgreens or CVS this will make you go the potty all night long! :)

Leggo My Eggo
Mix orange juice and milk, you'll throw up like crazy

Skippy The Wondertard
Skippy say the quickest forming sicknesses tend to be things like food poisoning. Something like E Coli. That bacteria is found in fecal matter. Skippy say start digging and eating

eat some old, moldy food

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