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david z
How soon after eating bad food would you start feeling the pain of food poisoning or salmonella?
big pain, curled over at the belly... ate some chicken last night... if it was due to the chicken would i have been feeling this sooner? is it just coincidence that i feel like crap?

Sweet Dreams
atleast 24 hours

Brooke S
usually between 6 and 10 hours. It takes this long because you have to digest the food first, then the bacteria kicks in. It also might not be because of a bad batch of chicken, if it has come on you with in a couple of hours, it could be that you are allergic to something you ate with the chicken. like maybe a sauce or even just a preservative in one of the ingredients that were used.
If it has gotten to the point where you are doubled over in pain you should see if you can get an emergency appointment with you GP, if not call the help line for nurses on call. They can give you the proper advice you need, and also tell you what you can do to overcome it.

No, food poisoning can happen a couple hours after ingesting the infected food up to three days later. When you get sick varies depending on the toxin or organism responsible for the food poisoning. In addition, the symptoms will also vary depending upon the severity of the case of food poisoning you have.

Here's more info if interested.


As early as 12 seconds for botulism, salmonella a few hours.
Don't worry, if you had it you would not be here. Had it 3 times and know.

Hannah L
yes in about a few hours after you ate it like between 4-8 hours

T Leeves
3-48 hours

Depends...sometimes it can come on right away or it can take several hours...I got salmonella from Huddle House once...ate eggs around 8pm and did not get sick until about 3am...along with the rest of the family...awful night.

rina s
Usually you will vomit within one hour if you have contracted food poisoning.

David G
usually between 8-16 hours for symptoms to show depending on the poisoning. I ate some bad turkey awhile ago and it took about 10 hours.

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