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How much alcohol use does it take to cause liver damage?
How much liver damage can you withstand before you start to feel the effects? Are there any tests to determine liver damage in a person in their twenties?

I am a medical Doctor and I have dont extensive research on this very subject and it is just a myth that alcohol damages the liver, it is actually the glass that you drink from that causes the damage

start drinking some alcohol and find out! The more you drink, the more damage you do! How much liver damage have you caused so far? Still drinking? Bottoms up!

To be good blood ciculation, 2 p is allowed per day. When there is more than 2 p, it is possible to cause liver damage. You noted that OVER is no good in cause of everything.

not much. u can't really withstand much before the effects. i have seen a picture of a real human damaged liver !!!!

I agree. It is too difficult to tell b/c of the tremendous amount of factors and conditions. alcohol is a solvent and the liver is highly targeted by its consumption.

a lot

remember to never substitute booze for food. Your liver will last a lot longer if you have a healthy diet. My one uncle died at 45. The other at 51. Neither one ate much of anything, just drank.

I let ya know later in life!

Varies among people due to genetics, but the liver is built to last many more that the 80 or 90 year that we need if for.... if not abused.......... I am alcoholic and having met hundreds of other alcoholics over the years, I have seen people have liver problems with as little as 5 years hard drinking, (daily average of 10 or more), and some who drank for 30 or more years with no liver problems, (but usually have other health problems related to alcohol). Average is probably 10-15 years of hard drinking before liver problems surface........

If you don't take any medications and haven't eaten a large amount of food that could have toxins in them then it would take a lot. It takes years for a alcoholic that gets drunk every day to kill his liver.

On the other hand, even casual drinking can contribute to liver damage if you take medication or have eaten foods that could have toxins in them.

My brother was taking medication for acne and would drink (sometimes heavily) on the weekend, and had his liver completely shut down. Luckily, after stopping the medication and his drinking his liver healed.

As far as a test, yes you can always have your liver tested.

ellis dee
Any alcohol will cause some liver damage. The liver is one of only two organs in humans that will regenerate damaged areas if given time. The true damage to livers, or Cerosis, is caused by drinking regularly, over a long period of time, or drinking lots regularly over a short period of time.

Da Ben Dan
every liver is different..I drank relatively little alcohol and still ended up with severe liver damage..I almost didn't make it and to make it worse I had no real symptoms that my liver wasn't functioning normally..yes there are blood tests..I still get them every 2 weeks after a year and 1/2 of not even smelling alcohol...don't play with fire.

It depends on so many factors that's it's nearly impossible to tell.

Joe King
I am working on the answer and will let you know soon.

i have no clue and dont care, i am goin to drink as much as i want and not worry about it, you only live once, live it up

quite a bit i suppose. i've seen a patient whose liver had almost given up. he survived for a few days and then coundn't. the things is that a heavy alcohol consumption will affect the liver. after all the toxic effects are absorbed by it. there are no fixed limits. it varies from one person to the other. a person in their twenties will have a huge potential for internal repair therefore whatever damage is afflicted in the organ it will keep healing itself. after 40 not quite so. liver damage can be determined at an early age. in fact the liver swells up and becomes painful. it does so even when it is only slightly bit damaged. so a person will know. try this out. push all your fingers below the right rib cage just above the abdomen. there is your liver. if it hurts inside then you must see the doc. he'll determine the rest.


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